The Momentum Alert Works In Any Market Condition…

A while ago, Alex’s system pinpointed a small fertilizer company called CF Industries.

Even though the S&P was tanking, this company was triggering all the system’s key indicators. The stock, Alex knew, was about to skyrocket.

Alex immediately alerted his readers about the opportunity.

Over the next 41 days, CF Industries soared. The stock went up 15% and Alex’s recommended calls rocketed 147.89% – enough to turn $1,000 into $2,478.

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 tanked over 8%. Take a look:

Had you tuned into one of many business news channels during this time, you would have heard screeching over the economy, the “markets,” Barack Obama… But you would have not heard about this mega gain. Indeed, news sells – and bad news sells best.

By ignoring the markets, Alex’s system zeroes in on the only thing that matters: the investment opportunities themselves.

Once an opportunity triggers enough of the systems indicators, Alex alerts his readers immediately.

Over time, the gains add up – big time. And they stack up regardless of what’s happening in the “broad markets.”

Let me show you another example…

A Major Global Crisis…And Quick 188.46% Gains

Last year, Japan’s earthquake and nuclear meltdown rocked the world – dominating global headlines for weeks.

Meanwhile, in the background, Alex’s Momentum Alert readers were quietly able to book enormous gains.

The system allowed Alex to zero in on an unusual drug company called Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Again, by focusing only on the company – and the not headlines – he was able to unearth another huge winner.

The recommendations ended up kicking out gains of 103%… 130%… and 188.46% on Jazz – triggering another double in about 60 days as every $1,000 morphed into as much as $2,884.60

The key is the system’s powerful set of momentum indicators that help Alex weed out the losers, and pinpoint only the largest winners… while ignoring the “big picture” altogether.

Here’s another example of how well this “right-side-up” approach works in real life…

S&P Downgrades U.S. Treasuries… Momentum Alert Kicks Out 266%!

We all thought it could happen but no one knew if it actually would. And certainly no one knew when.

But on August 5 2011, this appeared in the headlines:

For the first time in history, U.S. Treasuries received a less-than-AAA rating from a major Wall Street agency.

Even amid the chaos, Alex’s Momentum Alert system was riding yet another huge gainer.For the first time in history, U.S. Treasuries received a less-than-AAA rating from a major Wall Street agency.

After the shocking news torpedoes the S&P 500, Alex’s recommended play on Accretive Health… skyrocketed.

Take a look:

Again, we MORE than doubled our money in LESS than 90 days.

While the mainstream financial boys panicked, we booked another 266% winner… enough to turn $5,000 into $18,300.

That’s $13,300, free and clear, to do with as you please – take a vacation, pay off some debt or even roll it back into the next play.

Not bad for an “end of the world” scenario, wouldn’t you agree?

But here’s what’s so important. And it’s the reason I can offer up the “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge” with such confidence.

These are not isolated examples. The system allows Alex to churn out these kinds of incredible gains with almost boring regularity.

Last year alone, The Momentum Alertchurned out…

  • 10 doubles
  • 15 triple-digit gainers ranging from 116% up to 733% and…
  • One play that hit an amazing 1,121%.

The previous year, the system churned out…

  • 9 double digit winners…
  • 12 triple digit winners ranging from 100% up to 842% gains and…
  • Another 10-bagger coming in at 1,024%

How is this possible?

Alex has perfected his system so he may do this, over and over – through all markets and through all kinds of news – good and bad.

Listen, I know it may sound a little crazy – because it does fly in the face of everything you’re “supposed” to care about… big stories… politics… taxes… cycles… trends… and whatever else they can make up to keep you “tuned in.”

But to PROVE that Alex’s “right-side-up” system works, we’re offering up the “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge.”

Simply try Alex’s Momentum Alert for the next 90 days.

If you don’t double your money at least once, we’ll open up our wallet and give you a six month subscription to this elite research service – for free!

You win either way.

Now let’s take a closer look at the system you’ll use to book these enormous gains…


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