Turning Wall Street Greed to Your Advantage

Coach, Inc – 2,643%
Middleby Corp – 2,492%
Bally Tech – 2,477%
Cognizant Tech. – 2,294%
Range Resources – 2,205%
Siro Dental – 2,194%
Cliff Natural Resources – 2,015%
Cal-Marine Food – 1,746%
BJ’s Restaurant – 1,642%
Balchem – 1,640%
ANSYS, Inc. – 1,592%
CarMax – 1,184%
FTI Consulting – 1,149%
Cummins – 1,097%
Isramco – 1,085%
Panera Bread – 1,066

These are the indicators that cover various forms of institutional demand for a stock.

The system allows Alex to track where Wall Street is likely to pour its money next, and helps set you up to pocket huge gains as the demand drives the stocks sky high.

Combined with the other protocols and strategies, it represents a set of criteria proven by decades of raw market data – going back to 1952 – to predict which stocks will soar.

Stocks that meet these criteria will almost always soar – regardless of what’s happening. And they could do it decade after decade.

Take the 1950s, for example… The Momentum Alert system was specifically engineered to attempt to unearth gains like Polaroid (PRD), which soared 8,366%… and Avon (AVP), which jumped 3,799%.

Or the 1960s… Alex gleaned countless data, like the ones that pinpointed stocks such as Masco (MAS), which skyrocketed 10,177%… and Xerox (XRX), which leapt 5,146%.

In the 1970s, the Predictive Protocols could have isolated companies such as Keystone International, which rocketed 2,393% and ChemFirst (CEM), which jumped 2,170%.

The same indicators that pointed Alex to winners all through 2010 and 2011 were producing winners in the 1980s with the likes of Circuit City (CC) up 8,265% and Mark IV (IV) up 6,998%.

Once again the protocols proved true to form in the good ol’ days of the 1990s as Dell (DELL) became one of the greatest plays of all time racing 55,000% higher in just 10 years. EMC (EMC) also came up a big winner producing gains of 25,000%.

Unfortunately, because of the highly sensitive nature of Alex’s system, I can’t go into any more detail here about how it works.

However, I would like to send you a complete case study we recently performed should you decide to take us up on the challenge.

A System Based On What REALLY Works Along with Alex’s own proprietary research, several independent studies now corroborate his findings:The University of Virginia released a study recently verifying that stocks meeting certain combinations of the Predictive Protocols ‘earn large abnormal returns over a six- to 12-month horizon.’Add in Alex’s contacts and his “blend”, and we believe you can shorten that time to 90 days or less.Further studies conducted by the Journal of Finance, Financial Analyst Journal, the University of Texas at Austin, Investor’s Business Daily, and the Journal of Business all agree that past performance criteria are essential to determining future returns.

And in one little-known report issued by Boston College’s Carroll School of Management it points to ‘a large body of empirical evidence showing that the cross-section of stock returns can be predicted with past returns.’

In plain English: The Predictive Protocols work. But they work better and faster when used in very specific combinations and according to very specific sets of criteria within the matrix of protocols – and that’s where Alex’s system comes in.

Having developed the system from the ground up, he knows how to interpret the signals properly and relay them to you in clear, easy-to-understand recommendations. And those recommendations can lead to some truly enormous profits.

Only Challenge participants will be allowed access to the case study – the information is simply too critical to be out in the mainstream.

The case study is called: How To Generate 9,717% Gains in 11 Months and it’s your FREE when you go ahead and take us up on the 90-Day Challenge before 9:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.

In just a second, I’ll show you how to take part in the challenge and how to get your FREE case study.

But first, here’s the bottom line on how all this works…

Alex will be sending you everything you need during the “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge” so that you may finally get that elusive double… or many of them… guaranteed.


So, how do you get access to the Formula?

So, for the next 90 days, because we want to prove the news and Wall Street are NOT the best way capture the biggest, fastest gains month in and month out…

… And because you qualified yourself as the type of person we’d like to see using the service, we’d like to open up access to this system and The Momentum Alert through the “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge.”

Remember, if you don’t score at least one double in the next 90 days then we’ll open up our checkbook and give you a FREE six month subscription to Alex’s most expensive service – normally $2,500.

But we’re very confident it won’t come to that.

And as you can see from all the proof above, the entire strategy flat-out works.



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