The “Upside Down” World of Wall Street – Exposed

The financial establishment – from the biggest firms on the Street to the brokers, to the “experts” on business news networks – approached the markets completely backwards.

Or rather, they approached the markets “upside down.”

What do I mean by that?

Why the Broker Is Not Your Friend!All mainstream “experts” approach the markets “upside down!” No wonder Warren Buffett says:“… the broker is not your friend. He’s more like a doctor who charges patients for how many times they change medicines. And he gets paid far more for the stuff the house is promoting than for the stuff that will make you better.”

They spend almost no time focusing on what actually makes you money – the investments themselves.

So what do they focus on instead? Here’s the answer…

  • They start by opening the newspaper and reading about the “big stories of the day.” What’s the Fed doing? How was the debt crisis coming along? What was happening with Beijing politics?
  • They then spin some ridiculous theories about these “hot stories.” They listen to orders from their bosses, to push certain stocks.
  • Finally, they shake this cocktail of nonsense and serve these nearly baseless recommendations to their clients – and the mainstream media.

Open up the financial news, or turn on a cable financial program and what will you see?

Stories about Greece, the Fed, CEOs and the Presidential election!

If you start with trying to make sense of that, it leaves no time for analyzing actual companies!

We’re out to prove that their approach is totally upside-down.

There is a better approach. And Alex Green has perfected it…


How Wall Street Got Everything “Upside Down”

As Alex reports:

It seems to me all these guys do is try to get “consulting” gigs on the business news networks. The Wall Street Journal think tanks and other media they can find. They then seem to spend the vast bulk of their time analyzing the stories and coming up with their spin. Then at the very end, they spend about five minutes picking a few stocks to go along with their story. If you ask me, it’s a completely upside down approach…

And he’s not entirely alone. Consider this from noted financial reporter Tadas Viskanta:

“One of the hardest things for novice investors to understand is that the financial media is not there to provide you intelligent, actionable financial advice.”

Instead, they’re there to provide you with “stories” – with entertainment. Why? Because that attracts viewers and readers, and that sells… advertising!

The Wall Street term for this is “top down” investing. You start at the “top” with the big stories, the macro events and news.

Your top priority is finding an interesting news hook, or entertaining “narrative.”

Your last priority is finding a few “hot stocks” that fit your storyline, and pushing them to clients and the media.

Look at it like an inverted pyramid, with the “macro stories” at the top… and individual investments way down at the bottom.

Now imagine spending 99% of your time at the top of the pyramid, only narrowing your focus on the stock at the very end of the process.

Welcome to the world of Wall Street investing!

After observing the results from inside the belly of the beast for more than 10 years, Alex concluded:

The establishment makes the vast majority of its money by selling stories – “news and analysis” – that does nothing but confuse, frustrate and damage investors.

But what if you flipped the pyramid upside down? What if, instead of spending 99% of your time reading the news, you spent 99% of your time crunching the numbers on specific investments… and 1% on the “macro” stuff?

Alexander Green has spent the past eight years perfecting the answer.

We call it The Momentum Alert. As you’re about to discover, this publication based on his powerful system…

  • Generates double-, triple-, even quadruple-digit gains through election cycles, through political crises, even through upheaval at the Fed…
  • Sails through bubbles, busts and bad banking…
  • Literally ignores the macroeconomic forces that supposedly shape our financial futures.

The system works very simply – by flipping the Wall Street pyramid on its head

It practically ignores the “big picture” stuff: the news cycle, the Fed, the S&P 500, the Europe crisis, the U.S. dollar, everything. Instead, it spends 99% of its time focusing on the investments themselves.

That may sound counterintuitive, or even dangerous.

But we’re so confident that this “right-side-up” systematic approach can help you double your money over the next 90 days… we’ll compensate you with an additional six month subscription if we’re wrong.

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