How To Reserve Your Spot In The 90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge

So here’s what I propose…

Try a subscription to The Momentum Alert as part of our “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge.”

In all, Momentum Alert subscribers enjoy approximately 50 new recommendations every six months (every stock pick comes with a recommended option play, too!).

Plus, you’ll get The FREE Case Study: How To Generate 9,717% Gains in 11 Months. In this case study you’ll see six recommendations that gave Momentum Alert VIP members the chance at 9,717% returns… all came in rapid succession, and all came within a one year time frame.

So how much will it cost?

Keep in mind: similar systems tracking ONLY the flow of institutional money cost up to $3,600 per year, and in some cases much, much more.

Alex’s Momentum Alert service, we feel, is worth much more than that.

Just listen to what these subscribers have to say:

Excellent Returns the First Week!
“I would like to say thank you for all your research. I decided to try my first time investing in securities with LLL and made an excellent return during the first week… I will continue to subscribe to your research, as the majority of them are solid winners (eBay, CFC, Teva, etc.). Keep up the great work. Thanks.” ~ Greg S.
Amazingly Accurate!
“I have been a subscriber only since February… and am delighted to tell you that your recommendations are, almost without exception, amazingly accurate and, above all, amazingly successful. If your long-term record keeps performing this well, I will be a long-term subscriber.”
~ Hugh P.
Very Happy With the Results!
“I’ve been making the trades in my IRA at Fidelity. I’ve been putting about $8,000 into each stock so far that I’ve purchased. I own 5 of your stocks, so that is approximately $40,000. Starting with Apache, I purchased each stock exactly when you first recommended it, and I have been very happy with the results!” ~ Lisa K.
Already Recouped My Membership!
“I am extremely satisfied… Since I became a Member one month ago, I have recouped the investment I made to become a Member, and in market conditions that are still difficult. Please keep on with what you are doing. Your insight and advice is really beneficial.” ~ Predrag M.

These are just a few of the dozens upon dozens of happy letters Alex has received from his Momentum Alert members.

Still, the normal price for a six month Momentum Alert subscription is just $3,000.

Considering that you could pocket twice that with just one triple-digit winner… we think that’s a bargain.

Especially considering how surprisingly safe this system is…

Reduced Risk Means You Sleep Soundly at Night

Let me be brutally frank. No system can completely ensure that you never hit a losing stock. Markets are irrational, and no one can predict the future with certainty.

Indeed, The Momentum Alert concedes this and instead of pretending to eliminate all risk, manages it systematically.

Specifically, thanks to Alex’s patented Trailing Stop Strategy, in which positions are terminated systematically before they can do major damage, you’ll never, ever have to lose sleep over your investments again.

The Momentum Alert makes sure your downside risk is strictly – and mathematically limited – while your upside remains UNLIMITED.

Those are the kinds of odds I like in a financial research system.

And if you accept our “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge,” you can start benefiting from Alex’s unique system starting tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

Here’s how it’ll work…


90 Days to Double Your Money… And That’s Just the Beginning
We are so confident that we can virtually guarantee that The Momentum Alert will generate multiple doubles (gains of 100%-plus) over the next 90 days.

If it doesn’t happen, we’ll open up our checkbook and cover an entire additional six month subscription for you… absolutely FREE.

Even if you get three, four or five 99% gainers but no double, simply call our VIP Member Service Department at 888.570.9830, and we’ll cover an additional 6 months of the service FREE. No strings. No B.S.

Of course, the 90-Day Challenge is just the beginning…

After your first 90 days, you’ll begin receiving additional recommendations with similar moneymaking power – an average of one per week – all with the potential to generate huge returns very quickly, sometimes in a single day…

All in all, you’re looking at more than 50 money-doubling opportunities over the next six months as a VIP Member of The Momentum Alert service.


Timid Investors Need Not Apply

Momentum Alert recommendations move quickly – as do the profits – so the service is provided by email, and that’s how you’ll hear about the each recommendation within the “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge.”

After stepping up to The Momentum Alert VIP membership level, you just sit back and wait…

One by one, you’ll begin to receive the picks extracted by Alex from his system.

Once the recommendations begin rolling in, if you choose to act, you simply have to relay each recommendation to your broker, financial agent or online account and execute the trades. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes per recommendation.

You’ll also get a summary each week detailing the current status of the challenge picks, including information on trailing stops, options and Alex’s take on what happens next.


More Than Just a Challenge…

As a Momentum Alert Member, you are much more than just a participant in a challenge.

You are a Member of a very special VIP community within The Oxford Club family.

As a VIP Member, you’ll be getting a direct access phone number to Alex’s research associate, Chris Matthai, himself a veteran of a major investing institution based in Baltimore.

Use it anytime you have a general question about a recommendation, about background research, company news, or questions relating to Club services.

(Please understand that while The Oxford Club provides investment recommendations to all members, we are not licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide individual investment advice, and therefore, cannot address your personal circumstances.)

That said, this strategy is for slightly more advanced members—financial savvy members, to be exact.

So if you’re the kind of person who’d rather buy “value” stocks and hold them for years on end, waiting for profits to build up, you may not be suited for access to The Momentum Alert.

However, if you are willing to challenge everything the establishment tells you about investing… I suggest you take us up on the challenge.

If you do so before tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m., you’ll get in for a very special price.

VIP Profits… VIP Value

Professionals pay upwards of $300 per month ($3,600 per year) and in some cases thousands more just to know where the institutional dollars are flowing – and that’s to learn where the institutions have already spent their billions, not where they’re about to like Alex’s system does.

Think about it… The New York Stock Exchanges Broker Volume Database provides you with raw data of all NYSE Broker Volume information and costs $3,000 per month.

A cheaper but high-quality version for ‘average investors’ still costs $3,600 per year (which tells you how valuable information on the institutional investors can be).

But through the special offer we’ve made in order to open up participation to as many serious members as possible, you can now receive an entire six-month subscription to The Momentum Alert for just $697.

That’s more than $2,300 off the normal price.

Therefore, we expect there will be a lot of competition for the limited number of spaces available.

Simply click here and fill out the Challenge Enrollment Form to accept this special discount in time to double your money at least once in the next 90 days.

I look forward to your participation.

Sincerely Yours,



James Boxley Cooke
Chairman, Board of Governors The Oxford Club
May 2012

P.S. We typically only offer enrollment to the VIP level membership once or twice per year. With the success we expect from the “90-Day Double-Your-Money Challenge” we may not be able to allow new members in for a year or more.

P.P.S. Remember, Even if you get three, four or five 99% gainers but no double, simply call our VIP Member Service Department at 888.570.9830, and we’ll cover an additional 6 months of the service FREE. No strings. No B.S.