The Master Key

The underground signal triggered by high-powered Wall Street traders moments before a stock soars…

Today, we’ll reveal – step by step – what may be the easiest way to double an investment in 90 days or less.

Hi, I’m Lucy Elliott.

Today I’m going to speak with Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club. Many of you know Alex well from his columns in The Oxford Communiqué or his best-selling books, like Beyond Wealth.

But few have ever heard him discuss the long-guarded secret we’ll be asking him about today…

He calls it “The Master Key.”

To put it plainly, The Master Key is an underground signal, triggered by high-powered brokers, that can indicate when a stock is about to experience a sharp rise in share value.

It’s that simple.

Let me give you some examples from the past years… In December 2011, Hain Celestial Group was trading for $36. It was at that moment we noticed that high-powered brokers started to unlock the potential of the stock and began discreetly signaling it was about to explode in value.

By May of 2012, the share price was at $48. Regular shareholders had the chance to lock in 33%… Our recommended play went all the way up to 290% in that same period.

We saw a similar situation with the company 3D Systems in June 2011… 3D Systems was trading at around $19 a share when The Master Key signaled the stock was about to shoot significantly higher.

Just six months later, by January 2013, it was at $46 a share.

Regular shareholders could have made as much as 110%. And options traders acting on our play could have locked in 135% by July 2012.

For those with access, the Key may just be the easiest (and most reliable) way to collect triple-digit gains month after month, year after year.

In fact, in 2012, if you invested just $5,000 into the stocks The Master Key helped Alex pinpoint, you would be sitting on a jaw-dropping $337,647.

That’s why I believe what you’ll hear today could help you add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your portfolio in the months ahead.

So, how exactly does this Key work?

Alex will reveal that in today’s interview… and how he first uncovered it while managing millions of dollars at one of the three biggest and most powerful trading firms.

He’s never talked openly about this before.

And it’s easy to see why he’s been so reluctant: he’s generated a triple-digit gain nearly every month, on average, for the past decade using this unique, underground signal.

Consider how impressive a track-record like that is… especially with everything that’s gone on in this country during the last ten years.

The financial crisis of 2008 absolutely crushed the market… but Alex’s Key alerted him in time to lock in gains of 268% on Warnaco… 194% on Western Digital… And 147% on CF Industries.

During the “recovery” of 2009, it revealed 669% on Cerner… 272% on Inverness Medical… and 363% on Aaron Rents.

And in the past 18 months, Alex used the Key to pinpoint gains of 415% on Under Armour… 390% on Neustar… and 198% on ResMed.

Up until now, he’s remained tight-lipped when it comes to talking about this Key… but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t used it to help a few people make piles of money…

One man, James T., told us that he was already making a killing from the stocks it revealed. He said, “I made tens of thousands of dollars. Keep up the great work!”

Around the same time, Lisa K. told us she’d added more than $40,000 to her IRA from the stocks Alex identified.

And Lorna M. mentioned that even though she’s a “relatively new – but intense – investor,” she’s sitting on $7,000 already.

Now, these weren’t expert investors. These were ordinary, everyday people, that Alex has helped score one stock homerun after another.

But I’m not here today to talk about the past or the large sums that others have made.

I’m here because we’ve finally received the go-ahead to reveal this powerful secret.

In the next few minutes, Alex will show you exactly how you could benefit from this tool – along with a simple system to get quick doubles in the market over and over again.

I’ve even gotten word that he’s going to give you the scoop on two companies that The Master Key is signaling at this very moment.

This all-access interview could be your fast-track ticket to adding thousands or even tens of thousands more to your portfolio, starting just a few days from now.

Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering: How do you use this Key for yourself? And why has it remained a secret for so long?

Over the next few minutes, we’ll reveal everything in a simple step-by-step format so that you can get started right away.

First, We’ll Speak With Someone Who’s Seen The Master Key Work Firsthand

My first guest today is one you may be familiar with… She’s Julia Guth, Executive Director of The Oxford Club.

[Lucy] Julia, thank you for giving us this opportunity. We’re really excited to find out about this key and how exactly Alex discovered it.

[Julia] Thank you, Lucy. This is great that listeners today will be able to get the first ever breakdown of Alex’s Master Key. And that you’re going to be the first to interview him on the subject.

[Lucy] Julia, before we speak with him, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you work with Alex?

[Julia] Sure, I’ve been the Executive Director of The Oxford Club for 23 years now. I’ve always approached our business with one goal in mind: helping Members achieve total financial independence.

We all want to lead life completely free of financial constraints, right?! Well very few investors know how to actually achieve that on their own.

The reality is that it takes discipline, a sound financial plan and often, the help of a few truly brilliant market experts like the Club’s Alexander Green.

From the beginning we’ve tried to create that financially helpful environment here at The Oxford Club.

The first step is helping them learn the Club’s investment strategies that outperform the markets year after year. Since 2002, our recommendations have beaten the S&P 500 by nearly 2 to 1.

And I give full credit for our successful investment strategy to Alex.

[Lucy] Now, what about this Master Key we’ve been hearing of? Why hasn’t Alex discussed this investment tool before?

[Julia] It’s not that he doesn’t want to help people, but he’s spent his entire career developing stock strategies that work. If you’re going to beat the market, you have to develop unique approaches that no one else uses. If you told everyone what you do differently, then your investing techniques would become obsolete.

[Lucy] And how exactly did he discover this underground trading strategy?

[Julia] I want him to be the one to give you the full story on how he did it… but I can share a few details with you. The most interesting thing to me is that when he first started out, he absolutely hated being a broker.

He’s told me that it was the most difficult job he’d ever taken.

[Lucy] So how did that tough situation lead him to this Key?

[Julia] Rather than give up on his job, Alex decided to become one of the best in the business. He started studying just about every major stock success throughout history… from Coca-Cola to Walmart… IBM to Microsoft. He wanted to pinpoint exactly what predictable conditions led to each stock taking off.

He also tracked investing legends like Buffett, Lynch and Templeton… and which techniques they used to beat the market year after year.

After a while, a pattern started to emerge for Alex. He discovered stocks that experienced a prolonged run-up had many important characteristics in common.

Some of these characteristics involve things you’d expect like earnings growth, return on equity, and levels of cash flow.

But there was one particular signal that over and over again seemed to indicate a sudden rise was just about to happen. Major brokers were triggering this particular signal, taking big positions in certain stocks… Often just moments before they went up.

Once Alex combined this signal, which he now calls The Master Key, with the other characteristics, his success rate shot up.

Soon, everyone he worked with took notice. They were impressed with the triple-digit gains he was making, seemingly like clockwork, every month.

He quickly became one of the most sought after wealth strategists in the business.

It wasn’t long before the media also began seeking him out… Bill O’Reilly had him on FOX to discuss his successes… even Oprah did a feature on him.

He was even cited and profiled by The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Kiplinger and Forbes.

In a very short time, everyone was bidding for his recommendations… including me.

It was about 12 years ago when I made Alex an offer to leave Wall Street and become the Chief Investment Strategist here at The Oxford Club. Our mission to help people achieve financial independence matched up perfectly with his own philosophy, so he gladly accepted… but with one caveat…

He asked that we never reveal the details behind The Master Key without his permission.

[Lucy] So, what would you say it’s been like having Alex around these past 12 years? Has his Key been just as successful as it was on Wall Street?

[Julia] I’d say it’s been even more successful.

He’s generated an astonishing 101 triple-digit gains in his service that he based on the Key. That’s, on average, one triple-digit return – nearly every month – for the past decade.

We are also proud that over the last decade, we’ve consistently placed in the top 10 of Mark Hulbert’s rating of “Best Financial Newsletters.”

[Lucy] Could you give us an example of a specific company Alex has recently had success with?

[Julia] Sure, consider Chipotle Mexican Grill for a moment.

It’s one of those stock rises where you look back and think, “Why couldn’t I have seen that coming?”

But not for Alex… A few years back, he was scanning the markets, looking for the stocks displaying the pattern of his system. And Chipotle was one of the only stocks that met his strict requirements. So he immediately recommended a play on the company to a small group of his closest followers.

[Lucy] What happened after that?

[Julia] The stock turned out to be an absolute homerun. Just two months later, Alex’s followers locked in a 1,024% gain in the play he recommended. That would have turned $10,000 into an impressive $112,400 in only two months’ time.

Of course, that’s just one of several big gains like this.

[Lucy] What do Alex’s subscribers say about it? Do you ever get any feedback from plays like this?

[Julia] Sure. I get letters all the time from Members who love Alex… I have a couple right here…

Kim C., from Santa Barbara, California, couldn’t imagine her life without research like this. She said “One of my best life discoveries was stumbling upon [The] Oxford Club… Thank you for continuing superb support [and] unmatched editorial brilliance.”

Greg S., who was originally skeptical of how this would work, wrote in to tell us, “Your research alone has re-enforced my belief in the U.S. markets and has given me confidence in investing in my financial future. Keep up the great work.”

Milton W. wrote us that it’s “the best investment service I’ve seen in 25 years!”

[Lucy] Julia, would it be possible to look at his track record and peek into the books before we speak with Alex? I’d like to hear some of the results for myself and our listeners.

How Much Could You Really Make With Alex’s Master Key?

[Lucy] Before we speak with Alex’s team, Julia wanted me to remind you that what you’ll hear has been off-limits to EVERYONE except Alex and his team of researchers… until now.

Hardly anyone, with the exception of Wall Street’s most elite brokers, knows how this discreet investment tool works… but you’re now about to even the playing field.

Alex’s lead researcher is here right now to explain exactly how they do it.

[Chris] Hi, this is Chris Matthai.

[Lucy] Chris, thanks for speaking with us today… So you’re the lead researcher for Alex?

[Chris] That’s correct. I’ve also been head of the research division for The Oxford Club since 1997.

[Lucy] We wanted to speak with you to get an idea of the actual track record Alex has accumulated using The Master Key. Could you tell us how he did in 2012?

[Chris] Yes, I’ve been looking over the track record and as I’m sure you’ve heard, Alex has uncovered some incredible winners in 2012… 415% on Under Armour and 390% on Neustar were two highlights… All told, he locked-in 12 triple-digit gains last year.

In fact, if you put $5,000 into every position that Alex closed in 2012, you would have amassed a solid $337,647.

[Lucy] What about when the markets weren’t doing so hot? Everybody knows that 2012 was a walk in the park compared to 2008. How did Alex perform when the markets crashed? Did The Master Key still help him find any triple-digit winners?

[Chris] Well, this may shock you, but even in 2008 he generated gains of 268% on Warnaco… 194% on Western Digital and 147% on CF Industries, just to name a few.

In 2009, Alex closed out 18 triple-digit gains… including 669% on Cerner… and 363% on Aaron Rents.

In 2010, he generated another 13 triple-digit gains, such as 842% on Boston Beer… and 1,024% on Chipotle Mexican Grill.

And in 2011, he captured 16 triple-digit winners… collecting 488% on Accretive Health and an incredible 1,121% on Skyworks Solutions.

Altogether, if you put just $5,000 into each of these triple-digit plays from 2009 to 2012, you would have easily made over $150,000 per year.

[Lucy] That’s certainly an impressive track record… but can you show us how he personally identified some of these stocks using The Master Key.

[Chris] Okay, let’s take a quick look, but you’re going to have to speak with Alex to get all the details.

In October of 2011, one of the stocks that caught Alex’s attention was Ross Stores, the discount retailer.

Remember, Alex looks for several factors before he uses The Master Key to signal a “Buy.”

For example, one of the factors that jumped out at Alex was that in 2011, earnings-per-share increased by more than 30%. That was on top of a 53% increase from the prior year. And management was rewarding shareholders with a massive 45% return on equity.

Net income was up 14%… And sales had been steadily increasing since 2007.

But those are just three easy fundamentals to understand. Alex’s screening system analyzes 29 different criteria before he even considers a stock a possibility for investment. The 29th criteria is known as The Master Key. Alex will have to give you the details on that. But suffice it to say, it’s the most important component of his system. When that signal indicates a stock is about to rise, it can be very profitable to act.

For instance, when Ross Stores met Alex’s strict requirements, The Master Key signaled it was about to make a jump. So on Oct. 11, 2011, Alex sent out a note to his group of followers letting them know it was time to buy. Three months later, the play he recommended had paid out 147%.

It’s amazing to think you can double your money in only a couple of months, but I’ve seen it happen over and over again with the plays Alex finds with his system.

And the small group of people who receive Alex’s VIP recommendations write in all the time and tell us how much they love it.

A guy named Roger W. said he is, “Up over 100% Thank you! I’m selling half of my position now to play with house money.”

Another guy we’ve helped, Ron S., couldn’t be happier with the results. He said “Who can complain about 125% gain… or a 300% gain… Thanks for the GREAT work!”

[Lucy] Can you give us another example of a stock he’s found?

[Chris] Sure. In July of 2012, Alex began to notice another company that was about to jump in value.

It was Neustar, a fast-growing internet and technology provider.

In 2012, Neustar’s revenue climbed 34% to $831 million. That was on top of a 19% increase from the previous year.

Income surged 30% to $206 million… and earnings per share increased 43%.

Not only that, management was producing a healthy 20% return on equity.

After Alex determined it met all 29 criteria, including a signal from The Master Key, he called it a “Buy” and recommended a play on the stock to his VIP subscribers. Neustar’s options then went into the stratosphere, handing them a 390% gain in only 3 months.

[Lucy] Now, Chris, if we wanted to try it out – right now – could we use the Key for ourselves?

[Chris] Well, like I told you earlier, I’m not authorized to tell you all of Alex’s 29 different criteria… Especially the unique signal triggered by the big brokers… but I could set up a simple trade so that you could see just how easy it is to make money.

[Lucy] That sounds great. Let’s do it.

[Chris] Alright, what we’ll do is go back and look for a company that Alex’s system pinpointed by typing some of Alex’s criteria into our computer search program. What the computer does is screen thousands of companies for the very few that match the specific criteria.

[Lucy] Okay, what exactly are you typing into the computer right now? Can you tell our listeners some of these strict requirements that Alex uses?

[Chris] Partly… Like I said, I can’t reveal all of it to you. That’s up to Alex. But I will give you some idea of what we’re looking for.

First we’ll punch in the earnings. The company must have posted double-digit earnings for at least three years or more. And the same goes for sales growth: we only want the best, most profitable companies.

Then we’ll look at market cap. We want to scan for companies somewhere above $250 million and below $10 billion – these companies have excellent room for growth.

Finally, we’ll look for return on equity – at least 17% or better. We want a company that not only has years and years of positive sales, but a reputation for rewarding its shareholders.

Now, what time of year do you want to scan the markets?

[Lucy] How about sometime around November 2012… right around the holiday season?

[Chris] Perfect… So on… let’s say… Nov. 26, we punch in the criteria and the computer will tell us which companies were a match on that day. In this case, the company that ranked the highest based on Alex’s criteria was ResMed.

Now, let’s look at the details behind ResMed…

It has a market cap of $6 billion, so it’s right in that range of companies we like to search for.

At that time, ResMed’s net income for the third quarter was up 41%… Global revenue was also up 11% year-over-year to $349 million.

And management provided a healthy 14% return on equity.

Without going into the details, ResMed met most of Alex’s criteria. Now, with that in mind, how much do we want to invest?

[Lucy] Let’s say we put in $10,000.

[Chris] Ok, we’ll put $10,000 into Alex’s recommended play on that day… Now, look at this… after just two months, we’re sitting on a 198% gain!

[Chris] In this case, the $10,000 we invested would have turned into $29,800, in a little over two months’ time.

[Lucy] So how often can we legitimately expect this kind of result?

[Chris] Based on the track record Alex has achieved, you can expect a triple-digit gain at least once every 37 days, on average. I actually have a screenshot right here of every triple-digit gain Alex has uncovered since he launched his service around The Master Key in 2001. He has 101 triple-digit gains, which is approximately one every 1.2 months. Take a look for yourself:

Personally, I think a track record like this easily puts him up there with investing legends like Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch or any of those other gurus.

[Lucy] Chris, thank you so much for giving us this inside look today.

[Chris] No problem.

Alex Green Reveals The Master Key

After speaking with everyone else, we’re finally going to get the details from Alex.

[Alex] Hello.

[Lucy] It’s a pleasure to speak with you today, Alex. I’d like to start right off by talking about your trading technique.

[Alex] Sure. Warren Buffett once said, “I’d rather have a great company at a fair price, than a fair company at a great price.” I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve gone back and looked at every one of the “great companies” of the past 75 years. Companies like Microsoft that went up 57,975%…. Walmart that went up 121,900%…. Coke that went up 8,000%.

And I found these stocks all have one very basic thing in common: extraordinary earnings growth.

If you look back in history, you won’t find a single company that increased its earnings and revenue quarter after quarter, year after year, where the share prices didn’t follow in step.

Once I realized that, I knew that if I could find a way to pinpoint the great companies that were increasing profits dramatically year after year, I could make my clients a whole lot of money. So I started analyzing the makeup of each of these great companies BEFORE they went on their historic runs.

And as I dug through thousands of annual reports and financial statements, I started to see a lot of striking similarities.

[Lucy] What were some of these similarities?

[Alex] Let me give you the first three:

First, I look for companies with double-digit sales growth for three continuous years. This is a great indicator of the overall health of a company.

Then I dig through the company’s earnings trend. This also needs to be in the double-digits for three consecutive quarters.

Third, I identify companies who have managed to increase their income year-after-year. Companies can often generate one great earnings report, simply by a stroke of luck or accounting gimmicks. But no company can fake earnings for long.

[Lucy] Can you tell us some of the other criteria?

[Alex] I also like to examine the inner-workings of a company… things like management and innovation trends… product pipelines and cycle changes… And where each particular company ranks in terms of market dominance.

There’s a lot of “me too” companies out there that are simply trying to imitate their competitors.

Of course, any company can experience a great quarter, but going back and looking for a company that has found a successful niche, where it continues to thrive over and over again is very important.

So by only focusing on companies with huge earnings and sales growth, successful market niches and management, plus a great return on equity, we’ve easily eliminated a good 99 of every 100 stocks available. And now we can really dig deep into that remaining 1% to find the biggest winners.

[Lucy] Tell us more about the underground signal triggered by high-powered brokers moments before a stock leaps in price. Can you tell us about The Master Key?

[Alex] Well, if there’s one thing that REALLY drives a stock through the roof, it’s something that most investors don’t understand because they’re not “in the loop.”

I learned to recognize this “signal” very early on in my days working at one of Wall Street’s biggest wire houses.

To understand what’s going on, you have to consider this… When you buy a stock, you might put in say $5,000 or $10,000. But when companies like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch or Citigroup target a stock, these guys might pump in $10,000,000… Just for starters.

A stock might have all the characteristics I talked about earlier, but the real moment when the gun goes off and it races off the blocks is when the big institutions place their bid and start pouring tens of millions of dollars into the company.

I call this signal The Master Key because this is the moment when a great company’s profit potential is finally unlocked for investors.

When that institutional money hits, it creates a wave of momentum.

Institutions start buying up shares… Then pension funds and endowments… Mutual funds start taking positions… And finally retail investors.

In short, all the pressure is on the “Buy” side of the stock and the price can very quickly jump higher.

This is the signal that’s set off by the high-powered brokers on Wall Street, and the very signal that we are looking for. And if you work on the inside, you probably know exactly when that institutional money will come pouring in. In other words, you have a huge advantage.

Let me give you an example…

In January 2012, the athletic apparel merchant Under Armour was trading just above $37 a share. Now, the previous year had been stellar for the company. It reached $1 billion in sales… its earnings were up 34%, sales were up 38% and it was providing a healthy 17% return on equity.

Obviously, the company was boasting great fundamentals.

But as I did my research I noticed that the major institutions were piling unbelievable amounts of cash into the stock.

Morgan Stanley picked up 177,984 shares worth $11 million. Tiger Consumer Management bought 591,854 shares worth $39 million. But the big dog, Artisan Partners LP bought a whopping 702,100 shares worth $46.6 million. Now… I couldn’t tell exactly who was buying how much. But the price action and volume showed that the stock was under heavy accumulation.

Sure enough, the stock shot up 20% over the next four months, at a rate nearly four times faster than the S&P 500.

As you can see from the chart, the stock crushed the markets during that period. We even used this momentum to lock in a 415% gain with a leveraged play.

[Lucy] So how do you know when this institutional buying starts? And when to look for the signal?

[Alex] During my time on Wall Street, I saw this happen over and over again. The traders were told to start buying shares of a certain stock and build their positions discreetly over time…

[Lucy] Can you give us another example?

[Alex] Take a company like Skyworks Solutions. This tech company is responsible for many of the components in Apple, Samsung and Nokia products, from smartphones to tablets.

In October 2010, I noticed that Skyworks was starting to hit all of my criteria.

It had incredible sales growth. Revenue increased 25%.

Earnings per share jumped another 25%.

Return on equity was also healthy. It had been steadily rising since 2009.

Not only that, it had very little competition. I mentioned earlier that dominating a market niche is highly important. Everyone walking around with iPhones and tablets simply had no idea just how much their gadgets depended on Skyworks Solutions.

But the moment I knew the stock was headed skyward was when I saw what the institutions were all doing.

We now know that Vanguard, Fidelity and Oppenheimer were all gobbling up millions of shares… And many other groups were just sidling up to the table.

[Lucy] What happened after that?

[Alex] Just take a look at their stock chart. It went from $21 to $29. In less than three months, the stock had jumped by 34%. And a leveraged play we recommended generated a 1,121% return in 12 weeks. That’s enough to turn $10,000 into more than $112,000 on just one investment.

[Lucy] Okay, so can you show us a couple stocks poised to take off right now based on what you’ve found with your system?

[Alex] Sure. The first company I’m looking at is leading the pack in online banking.

You most assuredly have heard of this new bank. For one, it’s doing so well it’s got an NFL stadium named after it.

Revenue is up 47% from last year, exceeding $277 million. And income is up an amazing 230%.

It’s also grown its assets more than 500% in the past several years.

I believe one of the company’s biggest advantages is that it’s using advances in online banking to convert customers from old banks that still use the brick-and-mortar approach… it’s proven to be an excellent way to save on overhead and make a lot of money, while still offering customers great service.

And its efficient model allows the firm to offer rates that no other big banks can. For example, right now you can get a guaranteed yield from it that’s 10 times higher than just about every other major bank.

Major institutions are currently building positions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. One group has even decided to take a 10% stake in the company.

I believe this stock will continue to rise, due to its game-changing approach to banking. It’s already been climbing over the past few months.

A steady rise usually precedes a big jump. As more institutional money comes pouring in, I expect share prices will get knocked out of the park.

[Lucy] What’s the other company you’re looking at?

[Alex] The other company that matches the criteria I look for is a luxury home décor company…

This company has just completed an unbelievable 13 consecutive quarters of rising earnings and profits.

Revenue recently topped $1.74 billion.

In 2012, it generated $124 million in cash flow and returned $118 million of that to shareholders through share repurchases and dividends. The company provided a whopping 37% Return on Equity.

According to the CEO’s most recent earnings call, store traffic has increased dramatically.

Its website now gets more than one million visitors every month and customers now spend double online what they once spent in the store.

Best of all, the institutions are starting to buy in on a major scale. Vanguard has nearly five million shares… T. Rowe Price has three million shares… And Oppenheimer has nearly four million shares.

Obviously, this is the signal that this stock is set to climb up the charts and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.

[Lucy] Thanks very much for you time today, Alex.

[Alex] My pleasure.

[Lucy] Okay, now there’s one thing I didn’t get a chance to cover in my interview – how exactly do you find out about these companies and the many more that The Master Key will signal in the months ahead?

Well, in addition to being the Chief Investment Strategist here at The Oxford Club, Alex leads an intimate group of wealth seekers with his own private research service. It’s called The Momentum Alert.

And every opportunity you’ve seen here today has been available to those individuals. As you already know, Momentum Alert subscribers have enjoyed more than 101 triple-digit gains over the past decade. That’s one triple nearly every month.

So, how can you join them? And how can you find out about these companies that The Master Key signals?

It’s a lot easier than you might imagine…

How to Access Alex’s “Master Key” And Unlock the Two Stocks You’ve Just Seen Right Now…

In short, Alex believes the two stocks he’s told you about today could be some of the biggest money-making opportunities you might see in 2013.

They might even be your ticket to adding $100,000 to your portfolio in the months and years ahead… But really, that’s just the beginning. Alex expects to recommend between 20 and 26 stocks and options plays using The Master Key throughout the year. This could be an opportunity to potentially collect on a dozen or more triple-digit gains throughout the year.

As you’ve seen in this interview, the recommendations made have jumped as much as much as 1,121%… 415%… 390%… And 198% in less than six months’ time!

Remember: If you put just $5,000 in every closed position Alex made during 2012, you’d be sitting on a mind-boggling $337,647!

Alex’s screening criteria that he’s combined with The Master Key is 100% unique and almost completely unknown to regular investors. You would have to spend years at an upper-level position on Wall Street to even know it exists. That’s why it works so well. And why so many of his subscribers are so pleased with his service.

Bob D. was almost speechless because he was so happy with Alex’s service. He said, “I cannot find sufficient words to properly express my satisfaction with The Momentum Alert.”

And one subscriber, Hugh P., joined Alex way back when he first started the service. Hugh wrote in to say, “I have been a subscriber to The Momentum Alert since February 2003, and am delighted to tell you that your recommendations are, almost without exception, amazingly accurate and, above all, amazingly successful.”

With all of the positive feedback we’ve received and Alex’s unparalleled performance, we feel his research is incredibly valuable…

That’s why, from the very beginning of its inception here at The Oxford Club, we’ve always insisted on charging a higher-than-usual price for The Momentum Alert.

One full year of The Momentum Alert costs $4,995.

If you think that’s too high, consider for a moment… If you placed just $5,000 in Alex’s Chipotle play that rose 1,024% your initial investment would have turned into $56,200 in less than two months.

That’s 10 times the usual enrollment fee from a single play.

Some subscribers, like Arthur T., feel the cost of receiving Alex’s work is worth every penny, or as he put it, “It was the best investment I ever made.”

As a new subscriber to The Momentum Alert, our first order of business will be rushing you Alex’s brand new report detailing the situation behind the two companies he talked about in his presentation.

It’s called How to Unlock Two Triple-Digit Winners Using The Master Key.

After that, you’ll begin receiving Alex’s newest recommendations starting this Monday around 1:00 p.m., EST.

And every week for the next year, you’ll receive an email alert from Alex, along with full details on how to execute it. This will include updates on all positions, alerts, when to sell and often new recommendations with full details on how to execute each trade.

Within minutes of subscribing, you’ll receive a password to The Momentum Alert website, where you can instantly access all current recommendations as well as the report I mentioned before, How to Unlock Two Triple-Digit Winners Using The Master Key.

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I should let you know, this offer will only be available for a short time. And once it’s gone, we’re unlikely to air this footage ever again.

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