Dear Reader,

The numbers are, in a word, astonishing.

We’ve just finished checking (and double-checking) the results for the past 12 months…

And in one year, Alexander Green has led his Momentum Alert subscribers to 34 double-digit (or better) winners

That’s more than two partial or full winning closeouts each month.

But what’s even more impressive…

Of those 34 big gainers, Alex’s closed positions included 19 triple- or quadruple-digit gains

Which average out to an astonishing 438% gain EACH.

In other words, that would be like quadrupling your money… Or better… Once every 20 days.

All told, Alex closed out a breathtaking 2,682% in total gains over the same period.

That includes every one of his 51 Momentum Alert recommendations…

Winners and losers alike. No cherry picking here.

I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty remarkable.

Indeed, a conservative $500 stake in each of his plays would have turned into a total of more than $36,000… in one year.

Or with a $5K stake, you could have seen the same recommendations compound your initial investments to more than $350,000.

That bears repeating: On Alex’s fully verified track record… Over the past 12 months… $5,000 in each play would have turned into a total of $366,609.

For the past year, I’ve personally watched Alex pinpoint big, rapid-fire gains for his readers, one after another. For example…

  • In April, Alex spotted a little-known overseas tech company with rocketing earnings and a ballooning customer base. Just 21 days later, you could have closed out a 431% gain on Alex’s recommended play…
  • In June, Alex’s strategy zeroed in on a huge buying opportunity for one special up-and-coming health care company. Readers who followed his recommendation had the chance at gains of 445% in a mere eight weeks…
  • And in late August, Alex urged his subscribers to take a stake in one of America’s fastest-growing restaurant chains. Within the next three months, Alex’s readers could have cashed out monumental 1,480% returns.

All told, Momentum Alert subscribers would have seen an average return of more than 52% per play, taking into account every last one of Alex’s 51 closeouts.

Pretty impressive…

But what you could do with returns like these is even more incredible.

The fact is… just three of Alex’s best plays last year… if you had picture-perfect timing… Could have exploded a $5,000 starting stake into over $1.3 million!

Imagine pulling in that much on just three plays!

Yet here’s what’s most important for you today…

Alex is honing in on numerous opportunities that are shaping up to be even bigger.

That’s why I’m writing you…

So you can take advantage of Alex’s remarkable strategy…

And make yourself 203%431%… even 924% wealthier over the next 12 months…

Just like Alex’s current subscribers.

After all, the sheer amount of money they’re raking in here is staggering.

For example…

  • James Tollins, from Phoenix, told us he’s already made a killing from Alex’s Momentum Alert research. He said, I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars. Keep up the great work!”
  • Another reader, Terry Grant, from Boston, wrote in to thank him for some fast cash. “Thank you for a great recommendation… I sold for a 520% profit after seven weeks.”
  • And David Rovegno, from San Diego, is living the retirement of his dreams with Alex’s service. He said, “It’s provided me with sensible recommendations to grow my IRA, 401(k) and trading accounts. The withdrawals helped fund our retirement, purchase a second ocean view home and assist our support of charities.”

Today, you can join these Momentum Alert readers and start racking up winner after winner in the year ahead (heck, they’re already sitting on open gains as high as 271%).

And here’s the kicker…

In this presentation, I’m going to reveal what Alex calls “the biggest moneymaking opportunity in world history.”

It’s an event that stands to propel some of his upcoming calls into the stratosphere.

If that sounds like hype or bluster, please stay with me…

Because the major trend I’m referring to is not just an enormous opportunity… But completely unstoppable, as you’ll see.

So if there was ever a time for you to put the power of Alex’s Momentum Alert to work for you…

That time is right now.

I’ll tell you more about the unstoppable force Alex is so bullish about in a moment.

But first, let’s take a look at why this strategy helped Alex generate a breathtaking 2,682% in total gains over the past year…

And how it could make you at least two to nine times wealthier in the next 12 months, starting only weeks from today.

The Secret to Predicting Successful Businesses
That Are About to Become Far More Successful…

To build great fortunes, you need an investment system designed to not just perform…

But to outperform

And do so throughout all kinds of market conditions.

That’s especially important nowadays… with squirrely markets seemingly becoming the “new normal,” even amidst one of the biggest bull runs in history.

Outperforming any kind of market is exactly what Alex has perfected with his Momentum Alert research service.

It’s an “all-seasons” investing approach that doesn’t depend on whether the indexes are popping or dropping…

Or whether your fund manager is on or off his game this year…

Or what hyped-up story the TV business shows are pushing at any given hour, minute or second.

Rather, “all it takes” is identifying successful businesses about to become more successful.

So, what’s the best way to determine when a stock is about to rise significantly?

That’s the question Alex asked when he first began developing The Momentum Alert strategy.

He went back and drilled down into every big winning equity story of the last 50-plus years… from Wal-Mart, which went up 110,127%, to Microsoft, which gained 40,948%… to Home Depot, which appreciated 224,568%… Not to mention hundreds of others.

He wanted to pinpoint the precise and predictable conditions that led to each stock taking off.

So he analyzed the situations of hundreds of great companies BEFORE they went on their historic runs.

He tracked investing legends like Buffett, Lynch and Templeton too… And honed in on the techniques they used to beat the markets year after year.

What he found was quite interesting, to say the least…

These Unexpected Triggers
Pinpoint Stocks About to Soar

Alex determined that every one of the big winning stocks had a few essential characteristics in common… That virtually guaranteed their success.

Of course, some of them involve factors you’d expect, like a low P/E ratio… rapidly increasing market share, strong cash flow… and the like.

But I can practically guarantee that you’d find several of the other triggers counterintuitive… even quite surprising.

Here at The Oxford Club, we’ve come to call these strong indicators “The Predictive Protocols.”

When you can locate those characteristics in businesses operating today, you are very likely to pinpoint the ones about to soar next… often in a matter of days.

Better yet, when these factors hit certain thresholds… And when they hit in specific combinations… It’s almost like “guaranteed” money in your pocket.

Of course, Alex doesn’t get every call right. But armed with these protocols, he’s able to mitigate risk and consistently crush the market and other analysts.

And when you see the dramatic impact these factors have on certain stocks, you’ll see why they’ve helped Alex uncover winners like 150% on Aspen Technology… 440% on Trinity Industries… even 961% on Under Armour.

Oh yes… That’s in just the past three months!

No wonder we get notes from readers like David Turner, who wrote in to tell us, The Momentum Alert works! The average return is really amazing if you do exactly as suggested.”

Or guys like Bill Dauru, who’s so happy with Alex’s service, he’s practically speechless.

He said, “I cannot find sufficient words to properly express my satisfaction with The Momentum Alert.”

So let’s take a quick look at how just two of Alex’s Predictive Protocols can put a ton of money in your pocket…

In a very short period of time.

A Straightforward (But Very Profitable) Strategy

Most people try to complicate the stock market.

They look at all kinds of things to try to guess where it will go next.

But few people realize that when it comes down to the crux of the matter… stock prices can be very simple.

Just like with everything else, shares move based on supply and demand.

A stock literally WILL NOT move higher unless the demand for it is increasing.

Typically, big-time institutional investors lead the charge.

Here, I’m talking about managers of mutual funds and pension plans… investment bankers… huge organizations such as Fidelity… Oppenheimer… Legg Mason… and more.

When they start piling in to any stock… Buying millions upon millions of shares… It becomes a simple matter of supply and demand.

Supply stays the same, but demand goes sky high. And the share price soon follows.

The only problem is… By the time most people know what’s happening, it’s too late. The big money is already in place.

But if you could find a way to detect where the money is going beforehand, you’d have a recipe to make untold amounts in the markets year after year.

And that’s Alex’s Predictive Protocol No. 1: Uncovering vast movements of money into certain stocks before the regular investor knows what’s happened.

The results of using just this single protocol are out of this world, as you’ll see.

Take a look at how it went down in one of Alex’s recent winning plays…

Lighting Up a 123% Gain in Just 55 Days

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Cree makes light-emitting diode (LED) products and controls roughly 8% of the global market.

Sounds pretty boring, right? But, turns out Cree is in an extremely good position right now.

Demand for LEDs from China is skyrocketing…

And lighting-efficiency mandates in the USA are driving Cree’s market share through the roof as well.

Best of all, it holds more than 3,100 patents on new, breakthrough technologies in its skyrocketing sector.

So when Alex looked into Cree in June of 2013, he knew this company was already sitting in a pretty sweet spot.

More importantly, Alex detected that big institutional money was indeed starting to flood in.

For example, the powerful Ivy Funds group was loading up on Cree.

As you can see from the chart, it was in the midst of purchasing over one million shares


And Ivy Funds wasn’t the only interested group…

ClearBridge Investments (a Legg Mason affiliate) had also anted up for almost 2 million shares in recent months as well…


Now what a lot of people don’t understand is that any time one firm starts moving, the others follow suit.

So the big institutional money will inevitably start building an even bigger wave of momentum.

It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill…

More and more institutions buy up shares…

Then pension funds and endowments…

Mutual funds expand their positions…

In short, all the pressure moves to the “Buy” side of the stock… Demand rockets higher… And the price can very quickly start moving upward.

All of this was happening to Cree in June of 2013.

So with all of his protocols confirmed, on June 11, 2013, Alex wrote to his readers and recommended his special play on Cree.

Take a glance at what happened next…


As you can see, Alex’s projections proved correct.

And when he recommended his readers take profits on August 5, you could have booked a 123% gain in only 55 days.

So let’s say just for starters, you’d put $2,500 into this Cree play on June 11.

Less than two months later, you could have put $5,575 back in your pocket!

Get in, watch Alex’s recommended play skyrocket and get out.

That’s how Alex’s Momentum Alert works.

You could put that money under the mattress for the other ten months of the year and you still would have more than doubled it in a year!

Not too shabby for one of Alex’s smaller gains, as you’ll see.

“The Most Important Factor
That Sets Apart Winning Stocks”

OK, so that’s Predictive Protocol No. 1.

When a stock has significantly more demand and tons of new cash pouring in, it will go up in value.

That’s just basic economics.

But Alex’s 25 years in the markets have shown him the one other universal condition that makes it easy to call winning stocks in advance…

It involves what those big institutional buyers are really looking for…

The rate of a company’s earnings growth.

As Alex recently told me…
“If you look back in history, you won’t find a single company that increased its earnings and revenue quarter after quarter, year after year, where the share prices didn’t follow in step. Not one!”
Other experts back up Alex’s analysis…

For example, an analysis by Investor’s Business Daily concurs that fast-growing earnings “are the most important factor” that sets apart winning stocks.

And according to a study conducted by William O’Neil, author of the national best-seller How to Make Money in Stocks, every single top winning stock over a 49-year period shared this exact same characteristic.

That’s the power of consistently increasing earnings.

And that’s why Alex established it as his second key Predictive Protocol.

As Alex puts it so aptly, “You can’t know what the economy or the markets are going to do. But you can take this to the bank: Share prices follow earnings.”

But let me tell you… And here’s where it gets really interesting…

When you find occurrences where BOTH events are happening at once… increasing earnings AND heavy institutional investing

Well, then you have a recipe for historic returns.

And what I love about Alex’s Momentum Alert system is that these monster gains come under all sorts of market conditions, economic situations, geopolitical crises… you name it.

Take a look at this recent example…

Booked 271% Gains in Just 74 Days

With all the trouble in the eurozone last summer, Alex was largely steering clear of companies based in that unstable area…

Many investors wouldn’t go near them with a ten-foot pole.

But one firm’s situation was shaping up so well for Alex’s protocols, he made an exception.

It had a great product that practically everyone in the world wanted… Computer security software.

Not surprisingly then, the key numbers for AVG Technologies were good, and only getting better.

Sales had just jumped 26%. And earnings had long been relentlessly marching upward, as you can see…

Furthermore, big-money owners like investment management firm Cambiar were flocking on board to the tune of more than 500,000 shares.

It was recently picked as the “International Equity Fund Manager of the Year” by Investment Advisor Magazine. And The Wall Street Journal said Cambiar “tops the charts.”

So when Cambiar is buying big, it’s probably a good idea to take notice…


And it wasn’t only Cambiar.

Overall institutional buying was simply going through the roof!

All told, almost 100 new institutions had jumped into this stock over just the past year.

Another 100-plus funds had gotten in as well…


In other words…

This company was setting up perfectly for monster gains based on Alex’s two foremost Predictive Protocols.

It had big and growing earnings… And all the institutions were piling in.

So on July 8, Alex wrote to his readers, “I’m not excited about the prospects for the vast majority of companies in the eurozone. But AVG is a decided exception.”

You can see what happened next with Alex’s recommended play…


Now, I want you to look at this chart very carefully. Because there’s something important going on here.

As you can see, the chart stays pretty flat and even dips for a while before it rages higher.

This is key to why Alex’s system works.

You see, when the institutions get involved, they like to do it quietly and at low prices.

So they don’t really let the public know what they’re doing… Because if they did, prices would immediately soar.

That’s what the flat period is…

A time when the institutions can quietly build their positions before the big moment when their moves become public and shares rocket upward.

Alex targets the slow period first so his subscribers get in at a cheap price before the big moment.

And that’s exactly how it played out with AVG.

Less than three months after Alex saw the early stages of the institutional buy-up, the dual momentum of increasing earnings and institutional buying had driven the price wildly higher…

AVG hit a new 52-week high…

And as a result, on September 20, Alex’s readers could have booked 271% gains in just 74 days.

On this one, you could have turned $2,500 into $6,775, nearly tripling your money.

Again, that’s the power of Alex’s Predictive Protocols.

His proven system lets Alex hand his readers huge winners, month after month, year after year, regardless of market conditions…

It’s the reason Alex generated 2,682% of total gains in the past 12 months… including 34 double-digit (or better) winners.

That’s why we’re inviting you – even urging you – to get into his Momentum Alert service today…

And join satisfied readers such as Henry Pedersen, who signed up when Alex first started the service.

Henry wrote to Alex and said, “I am delighted to tell you that your recommendations are, almost without exception, amazingly accurate and, above all, amazingly successful.”

Now here’s why you’ll want to act within the next few moments…

Turn $5K Into Nearly
a Quarter of a Million Dollars

Examine his track record and you’ll see Alex’s success is no short-term fluke…

For example, in 2008, even as the S&P plunged 38%, he generated gains of 268% on Warnaco… 194% on Western Digital and 147% on CF Industries, just to name a few.

In 2009, Alex closed out 18 triple-digit gains… including 669% on Cerner… and 363% on Aaron Rents.

In 2010, he generated another 13 triple-digit gains, such as 262% on Edwards Life Sciences… and 842% on Boston Beer.

In 2011, he captured 16 triple-digit winners… collecting 488% on Accretive Health and an incredible 1,121% on Skyworks Solutions.

And in 2012, you could have banked 159% on Sourcefire… 290% on Hain Celestial… and 309% on NeuStar, among many others.

Altogether, if you put $5,000 into each of these triple-digit plays (which included partial and full closeouts) from 2009 to 2012, you would have easily ended up with more than $150,000 per year.

And of course, our just-completed audit from the past 12 months over 2013 and 2014 shows another 2,682% in total gains.

Obviously that’s not luck.

Rather, it’s because Alex’s Momentum Alert flat out crushes the markets, over and over again…

Bull market, bear market, squirrelly market…

And everything in between.

Other authorities agree on the power of this kind of strategy…

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Finance concluded that buying these stocks “generates positive returns for horizons out to about one year.”

Bottom line…

Alex’s Momentum Alert is a straightforward but very profitable strategy that lets you sleep soundly at night…

Because based on the track record Alex has achieved, you can expect to close out a triple-digit gain about once every 20 days, on average.

Imagine having the chance to double your money (or more)… every three weeks!

So let me ask you one question…

Could You Retire in Just Eight Months?

You may think it’s absurd to even consider retiring in less than a year…

Or, if you are already retired, to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your portfolio so quickly.

But I’m completely serious.

How much more money do you need to ensure your own comfortable retirement?

$500,000? $750,000? A million dollars?

Now, imagine reaching that goal in as little as eight months.

Picture never again having to worry about when the next bear market might crush your portfolio… Or what crazy new government policy might slam into your nest egg…

Imagine putting down a conservative stake just a few days from now… And less than a year later, enjoying total financial freedom…

The freedom to put money worries behind you forever… And start enjoying life 100% on your own terms.

It may sound difficult to believe. But as unlikely as this scenario may be, it IS possible…

In fact, you could have done it with only three of Alex’s recommendations last year.

Of course, you would have needed to time these three specific plays “just so,” as I’ll show you in a moment.

And even with Alex’s remarkable track record, it’s not every day that you’d be fortunate enough to pick only these three especially large winners.

All investing strategies come with losing plays, and so there is indeed risk involved here.

But as you’ll see, the risk can be quite small, and very manageable… Yet these plays open the door for potentially life-changing gains.

So let’s look at how an investor could have pocketed more than one million dollars clear in eight months.

All it would have taken was three steps between April and November using Alex’s proven and trusted Momentum Alert recommendations…

Let me walk you through it…

“$5K to $1 Million in Eight Months”
Step No. 1: April to May

It was mid-April of 2013 when Alex’s attention was drawn to the company that’s been called “the eBay of Latin America,” MercadoLibre Inc.

Profits had recently jumped a hefty 22% on a 25% spike in revenue.

So Alex wasn’t surprised one bit when he also found institutional money pouring in.

Oppenheimer had increased its holdings from about 650,000 shares to nearly 2.7 million.

It was far from alone. On January 1, there were only about a dozen new funds buying stakes in MercadoLibre. In three months, that number had more than tripled… To more than 45…


Earnings skyrocketing…

Institutions pouring in cash left and right…

All of Alex’s signals were flashing, “BUY”!

So on April 22, Alex sent out an alert to his Momentum Alert readers.

Sure enough, in the days ahead, MercadoLibre released its quarterly results, with its $102 million in revenue – crushing analyst estimates.

And sure enough, its shares soared. Take a look at what happened with Alex’s special play…


When Alex advised his readers to take some profits on May 13, you could have captured a 431% gain in just 21 days.

So let’s say back on April 22, you’d put $5K in Alex’s recommended play.

If you cashed out all your winnings on May 13, you’d now be sitting on $21,550… In three weeks.

Not a bad return for 21 days!

So that’s your first step to setting up a $1 million nest egg in eight months… from just $5K.

Now, we would never recommend rolling all of your $21,550 winnings from that one play to another.

So let’s say instead you pocket your original $5K… Put that right back in the bank.

Leaving you with $16,550 to compound further, worry-free…

In other words, everything from here on out is “found money.”

So after your May 13 payday on MercadoLibre, the next move you decide you want in on comes about a month later, in mid-June…

“$5K to $1 Million in Eight Months”
Step No. 2: June to August

The S&P had fallen to 1,573 from 1,669 in a month… A scary drop of over 5.75%.

But Alex knew it was the ideal time to go bargain hunting… Since many institutions start targeting companies when prices are cheap.

His research zeroed in on an Ireland-based company with soaring sales and earnings, Jazz Pharmaceuticals…

In the most recent quarter, net income had leapt 57% on a 91% increase in revenue.

And the big money was charging in.

Institutions holding a stake had just ballooned from about 225 to more than 325…

One firm alone, Putnam, had gobbled up nearly a million shares…

Another big institution, Fidelity, had ballooned its stake from about 1.5 million shares in September of 2012, to an enormous 3.8 million shares in April of 2013.



In short, the Predictive Protocols were all pointing to a big gain in Jazz.

So on June 25, Alex told his readers to get in.

Sure enough, the stock almost instantly hit a 52-week high, sending one of Alex’s plays on Jazz rocketing upward.


And when Alex wrote his readers to take some profits on August 26, you could have booked a 445% gain in a fast 63 days.

If you cashed out all your winnings, you would have turned your $16,550 into $73,647… in two months.

And remember, we’re now playing with pure profits.

You never risked even one thin dime of your initial $5,000 investment on this play.

That’s sitting safely on the sidelines.

So, what would have happened if you now rolled over your $73,647 free-and-clear bankroll just one time more?

“$5K to $1 Million in Eight Months”
Step No. 3: August to November

Your next play would be on a company you’ve almost certainly heard of, and probably patronized… Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Earnings had relentlessly been surging upward…

And institutional ownership was going through the roof as well.

For example, Wells Capital’s stake jumped from about 100,000 shares in early 2012 to more than 750,000 in mid-2013…

The folks at Fidelity were certainly seeing plenty they liked too. Their ownership stake had skyrocketed some 300% in just the prior six months:


So, on August 27, Alex emailed his readers with a potentially life-changing recommendation: “Buy Chipotle Mexican Grill at market or go long with a leveraged play.”

And in the following two months, Alex’s readers witnessed one of the most breathtaking run-ups in Oxford Club history…


From August 27 to November 5, Alex’s recommended play gained a jaw-dropping 1,480%.

If you’d put your $73,647 “house money” from your prior two winners into this one play…

And taken out all your winnings on November 5…

Here’s what your brokerage statement would say:
In short, you could have started with $5K on April 22

Cashed out with over $1 million on November 5

And never had more than $5,000 of your own initial stake at risk.

Now perhaps you’re wondering…

Was this some impossible-to-reproduce, once-in-a-lifetime, cherry-picked situation???

If you are skeptical, that’s good…

That just means you’re a conservative, thoughtful investor.

Indeed, this situation would be quite rare. It’d require a good deal of luck for a subscriber to pull off strings of select winners like this one.

They require remarkably good timing… almost ideal, in fact.

So frankly, the truth is I certainly can’t guarantee we’ll see one of these $5K to $1 million streaks in the coming years.

Remember, even if you don’t EVER hit one, over the past 12 months, $5,000 in each Momentum Alert play would have turned into a total of $366,609.

I’d say that’s not too shabby.

And I can tell you this…

Alex’s plays could have provided yet ANOTHER $5K to $1 million setup like this

In just the past several months!

Take a look…

Two Million-Dollar-Plus Opportunities
(in a Few Months)!

Okay, so let’s say you joined Alex’s Momentum Alert service toward the end of last summer…

Here’s how it could have worked…

1 You got in right in time to catch that gain on Chipotle we just showed…

So in that case, your starting $5K on August 27 would have turned into $74,000 on November 5.

Now let’s say you took everything out, put aside your $5K ante for safe keeping…

Put aside another $5K, guaranteeing you’d wind up doubling your money worst case


2 You put the rest – $64K – into Alex’s recommended Under Armour play on January 21, 2014.

Just 13 days later, you could have exited with a 605% gain…

And if you’d pulled out all your winnings, you’d be sitting on a jaw-dropping $417,450 on February 3.

3 One week later… on February 10, Alex recommended Trinity Industries to his readers.

Of course, you’d never want to put $417,450 in one play.

So for the sake of argument, let’s say you put aside $100,000.

Now you’ve got that in the clear and locked away, and you put the rest in Trinity.

Alex’s play on Trinity soared 411% in the next 23 days

If you cashed out your entire position on March 5, 2014, your $5K stake from seven months earlier could have now turned into…
On three plays!

Sure, this string of moves also would have required impeccable precision and a bit of luck…

But with the sheer number of big triple-digit gains Alex is producing, the chances of you doing very well are quite good.

That lets you ride the solid gains… yet also gives you a chance at hitting that monster grand-slam payoff at some point.

Are you starting to get the picture here?

Are You Ready to Try It Out Today?

I told you this system was simple!

Alex uncovers a strong company with rapidly rising earnings…

His research detects big institutional money pouring in…

He runs it through his protocols…

And the few that pass (just a handful out of more than 3,000 ever-changing businesses)…

Well, more often than not, their shares skyrocket, almost inevitably.

And Alex’s readers can book gain after gain… Such as 221% on Cerner… 300% on Panera… 733% on Skyworks Solutions…

Even a shot at turning $5K into $1.3 million.

Do you see how straightforward, yet powerful, Alexander Green’s Momentum Alert strategy can be?

Are you ready to try it out yourself today?

I’m guessing the answer is “Yes”…

(I can’t imagine why it would be anything else, quite frankly…)

So there’s really just one question left…

How Would $1.3 Million Change Your Life?

What would your day look like with a newfound $1.3 million in your brokerage account?

If you’re still working, would you retire right now? Next month?

Or years sooner than you’d planned?

If you’re already retired, would you stop spending so much darn time worrying about money?

At the very least, you could almost certainly enjoy a few special treats…

Instead of sitting in the nosebleeds, pick out some awesome lower level seats for a concert or sporting event… Or reserved seats at the fancy new movie theatre in town.


You wouldn’t have to think twice about enjoying the occasional $100-plus bottle of California Cab with dinner and friends…


You could book a short-notice vacation or weekend trip… Without worrying that the airfare’s a few hundred more than you’d prefer.

And then there are the important things that come with financial freedom.

Maybe you’d choose to help out a family member in need…

Start a college fund for a child, grandchild, niece or nephew.


Or perhaps you’d like to help out a worthy cause you’re passionate about.


Of course, the most rewarding benefit of having so much money is that it gives you choices.

The choice to change from a job you no longer enjoy… to one that’s satisfying and fulfilling.

The ability to move from wherever you happened to “end up”… to your dream town… or even country.

And, most importantly, the chance to provide yourself and your family with the richer and more fulfilling life you deserve.

Wouldn’t you like to see these changes personally?

They can indeed happen…

Just consider for a moment how Alexander Green’s expertise has changed the life of Momentum Alert subscriber Scott Peters, for example…

“We have achieved our long-term financial goal.
No pinching pennies as we enter into retirement.”

Scott seems like a regular guy…

A materials scientist based in Arizona, he likes the outdoors, enjoys photography…

He’s worked hard… been saving up for a long time…

But the meager returns from his core portfolio were killing him. So a few years back, he started following Alex’s work at The Oxford Club.

Take a look at what Scott told me just a few weeks ago…

“We have achieved our long-term financial goal. No pinching pennies or hanging up the traveling shoes for us as we enter into retirement.”

But money isn’t everything, as Scott explains.
“The most significant benefit I have gained by following Alexander’s advice is the calm I now enjoy with respect to our financial position.”
And with that money… and relaxation… it appears Scott is finally enjoying life on his own terms:

“Here is something tangible: Last year we had sufficient financial confidence to take two major, unique safaris to photograph wildlife in close proximity. These were costly excursions but we could afford them. This year we will travel with our photo guide again.”
Financial freedom… Peace of mind… Enjoying a richer and fuller life…

That’s what Alex’s expertise meant for Scott Peters.

Don’t let fear, uncertainty or doubt hold you back any longer.

Because starting right now… there’s absolutely nothing stopping you!

Remember… Over the past 12 months, $5,000 in each Momentum Alert play would have turned into a total of $366,609.

And with the right timing, just three of those could have compounded $5,000 into more than $1 million (and on two different occasions!).

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

By way of our greatest offer ever…

And with a long-time proven track record from a man – and an organization – you can trust and depend on?

If that sounds like something you could see yourself doing, let me explain what Alex sees in the year ahead for his new Momentum Alert readers.

Alex Has Helped His Readers Make Fortunes

My name is Laura Cadden.

I’ve been involved in the financial publishing business for more than a decade.

Today, I’m Associate Publisher at The Oxford Club. And I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work side-by-side with a real legend in this business.

For 16 years, Alexander Green helped major clients manage vast fortunes for several of the biggest financial firms in the world – one with some $2.3 trillion in assets now under management.

He taught clients how to allocate their assets properly, how to ride out bear markets and how not to lose their shirts.

And with Alex at our helm as Chief Investment Strategist, we have guided them through every major financial event of the past 15 years.

For example, take the debt crisis of 2008.

When most people were losing money, we actually closed out nearly every position we had, with an average gain of 28%.

Alex then made a daring prediction in the early months of 2009: “It will be a terrible year for the economy. But, shocking and surprising most investors, it should be an excellent year for the stock market.”

Of course, by June of 2010, the Dow was up 3,306 points… and those who listened to Alex’s broad predictions made out like bandits.

But it’s with his Momentum Alert service that Alex’s work has really made folks fortunes…

“Alex’s ability to catch trends early is uncanny”

We mentioned Scott Peters, who’s travelling the world to pursue his dream photo hobby…

And David Rovegno, from San Diego, who bought a second ocean view home, thanks in part to Alex and The Momentum Alert.

Yet they are far from alone.

Just the other day, we heard from Erik Jefferies, who told us, “Thank you for your recommendations. Each that I followed increased. No losers!”

Another subscriber, Mark Krause, wrote in to say, “Alex is a proven wealth to any Oxford Club Member who follows his forecasts. I’ve made thousands.”

And take a look at what Ron Simon had to say:
“What I have witnessed has been astounding. Alex has proven himself to be the best of the best. I have watched him make profitable calls in the market time and time again. His ability to catch emerging trends early is uncanny. As a result, I trust Alex’s judgment and investment advice.”
So with Alex’s straightforward Predictive Protocols allowing him to crank out winner after winner…

There’s only one question that may still be nagging you…

“If This Is So Easy, Can’t I Just Do It Myself?”

There’s no doubt that with sufficient time and experience, a clever investor could begin to mimic some of Alex’s research.

But the devil, as they say, is in the details.

For example, most people don’t have a clue when institutions are piling into a stock.

Case in point: I can promise you, not one investor in a thousand has access to the serious institutional buying data you’ve seen in this presentation.

Even if you did, more than 3,600 companies trade on the public markets…

Then there are the dozens of other Predictive Protocols Alex has perfected over the past 15 years – in fact, there are 29 in all.

Get one wrong, and sorry, you’re out of luck.

Sure, some websites and TV shows offer analysis that might at first sound similar.

“Earnings are soaring, so this is a Momentum BUY,” you might read or hear.

Sounds reasonable enough. But here’s the thing…

You’re getting the “light” version of a stock recommendation, with watered down, superficial information available to hundreds of millions of people.

If you’re interested in serious profits, you need serious research.

That takes serious time and decades of experience. Most folks simply don’t have hundreds of hours to screen all the potential candidates.

Or, quite frankly, the ability to see the things a trained expert can detect. When to get in, when to get out, the red flags, the insider buzz…

The good and the bad.

That’s why a small group of Oxford Club Members have come to rely on Alex Green’s expertise.

Because when you’re buying companies like those recommended in The Momentum Alert, one after another, the gains can add up very fast.

And in order to make the most of these windows of opportunity, Alex often recommends both a stock and a leveraged play.

With his kind of special recommendations, you can get in position to make far greater returns than what you’d see on the regular stock trade – often in just a fraction of the time.

With The Momentum Alert, we’ll tell you exactly how to buy and sell each of Alex’s recommendations… what to say to your broker… how to make the most money… and much more.

So why not simply take advantage of having an expert like Alex working for you?

It’s amazing to think you can more than double your money in less than two months…

Or even have the chance to turn some $5K investments into hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year.

But we’ve seen it happen over and over with Alex’s recommendations.

And incredibly, even faster and bigger gains aren’t particularly uncommon!

Here’s a great example…

Triple Your Money…
In a Little More Than a Month!

Just last September, Alex’s attention turned to a high-tech touch screen manufacturer, Synaptics.

In the most recent quarter, earnings had soared 41% on a 31% increase in sales.

And the big money was simply pouring in.

Lord Abbett quadrupled its holdings to almost a million shares.

Columbia Management was buying heavily as well…

Alliance Bernstein purchased about a million shares.

All told, institutional ownership had rocketed by more than 5 million shares!



So on Monday, September 16, 2013, Alex sent an urgent “Buy” alert…

Take a look at what happened next with his special recommendation…


Just four weeks later, on Wednesday, October 15, 2013, Alex advised his readers to exit the play and book 294% gains in 29 days…

In other words, just about tripling their money… In a month!

And 2014 has been no different…

“Thanks for the five-digit profit on Under Armour. Yahoo!!!!! You guys rock.”

I’ve shown you some pretty incredible gains already from The Momentum Alert.

But sit down for a moment…

And imagine turning just $5K into nearly $50,000… in less than two months!

You could have done just that, earlier this year, if you’d joined Alex’s service on New Year’s Day of 2014.

It started back in January, when Alex noticed unusual buying signals in Under Armour.

T. Rowe Price had already loaded up with nearly 4 million shares through 2013…


Yet look at the institutional buying toward the end of the year…

Harbor Capital… Buying!

Jennison Associates… Buying big time!


On January 21, Alex urged his readers to go long on Under Armour.

Look what happened in the following seven weeks…


If you’d followed Alex’s recommended timing, you could have walked away with a staggering 961% gain in about 1 1/2 months.

No wonder reader Alan Durkin wrote in to say, “Alex, EXTRAORDINARY results with Under Armour. Keep up the good work.”

Hank Stevens was obviously quite pleased as well.

He sent us a note saying, “I got in on Alex’s Under Armour play at $2.55 and sold at $25.66. Thank you for a great recommendation.”

Yet Robert Tuft, from Charlotte, North Carolina, may have done even better.

Did he profit $10,000? $50,000? $99,000?

Robert didn’t care to reveal too many personal details…

But here’s what he did tell us… And these are his words, verbatim:
“Thanks for the five-digit profit on Under Armour. Yahoo!!!!! You guys rock.”

Isn’t it about time you got in?

“Hey Alex! I wanted to thank you…
Over 100% gain in a week!”

I could go on and on with recent examples of Alex’s recommendations handing his readers fortunes…

For example, I could tell you about the institutional money Alex saw pouring into Trinity Industries just a few months ago…

On February 10, 2014, Alex issued a “Buy.”

33 days later, you could have booked a 411% gain on Alex’s Trinity Industries play…


Robert Weslow wrote in to say, “Hey Alex! I wanted to thank you for Trinity Industries call! Over 100% gain in a week!

And it got even better for Robert…

“The next day, Trinity dropped back, so I used it as an opportunity to get in again. I bought in on February 21 and sold a week later on February 27 for over a 50% gain in a week. Astounding. Thank you.”

It’s these kinds of winners after winners that keep our mailbox overflowing with notes from very pleased subscribers.

Furthermore, when Alex unveils the next string of big potential winners in the coming weeks, no doubt we’ll see a deluge of similar letters…

Perhaps even one from you… Once you’ve experienced the moneymaking power of this strategy firsthand.

But right now, I want to reveal the exciting new opportunities Alex has his sights on for his subscribers in the next few months.

A Historical Opportunity Unfolding…

If you were to tell Alex that America has real problems, he would most certainly agree with you.

Rising debt, unmanageable monetary policy, runaway spending, bad leadership, etc.

All those things are true.

But he would also tell you that the poor decisions of the past can’t mask the incredible advances we’re experiencing at the same time.

Alex believes the private sector right now is in the midst of some of the greatest developments in the history of humanity.

More to the point, as Alex says, these breakthroughs represent “huge investment opportunities.”

Here’s three booming sectors he’s most excited about today…

  • First, it’s no secret that technology and electronics are revolutionizing our lives… and have been for some time…

But right now, it’s just going crazy…

Information-based technologies are on exponential growth curves.

As Alex told me, “They’re doubling in power for the same price every 12 to 24 months. That’s why an $8 million supercomputer from two decades ago now sits in your pocket and costs less than $200.”

And it’s not just PCs and smartphones.

The same rate of change is showing up in networks, sensors, cloud computing, 3-D printing, genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics and dozens more industries.

Alex already has an impressive record on these kinds of technology plays, including gains of 151% on Quality Systems160% on Alliant Technology… and 331% on Freescale Semiconductor.

He believes these could be a mere warm-up to what’s about to come down the tech highway.

Yet technology is just one of several inevitable mega-trends Alex sees slamming into the markets…

  • Miraculous advances are taking place in medicine too.

For most of human history, if you had a kidney stone or needed a root canal, you simply gutted it out. If you had appendicitis, a clogged artery or a bacterial infection, you were a goner.

But, as Alex says, “Today you are far better fed, sheltered and protected against disease than your grandparents or your other ancestors.”

Consider… We have all kinds of amazing drug therapies and medical devices safeguarding our health…

The average life span of Americans has almost doubled in the last 100 years!

Even surgery is far less traumatic than it used to be.

In short, we are living longer, healthier lives than ever before.

And, as Alex says, “Our amazing capital markets are now handing us an opportunity to profit from these developments.”

Alex has previously closed out health care winners such as 171% on Ventana Medical198% on ResMed… and 308% on Haemonetics

Now he’s looking to book many, many more triple-digit gains in this exciting market.

  • And then there’s the new revolution in energy…

Natural gas is becoming a central pillar of America’s economic rebound.

The Marcellus Shale, which underlies seven states, is returning Pennsylvania and Ohio to their former oil and gas glory days…

The Bakken Shale has put North Dakota in bold type on the energy map…

And the same thing is happening in the Eagle Ford Shale and the Permian Basin Shale in Texas.

Millions of new jobs will be created in the industry by building roads, pipelines and upgrading ports, and transporting, delivering and exporting all this fuel.

In short, America’s energy renaissance continues to build a head of steam. Over the next several years, the U.S. will once again become the dominant, global manufacturing powerhouse it once was.

And Alex will no doubt be calling winning energy plays, like his 166% gain on Newfield Exploration308% on Ultra Petroleum… And more.

Get In Early on These Massive Momentum Waves

So now’s the time to prepare for the long-term booms in technology… health care… and energy.

These unstoppable trends will soar higher, regardless of day-to-day market gyrations, the news cycle, the Fed, the politicians, the eurozone, the U.S. dollar or anything else.

In other words, you’re looking at “when,” not “if,” opportunities.

As Alex says, we are looking at one of the best periods in history for “massive gains.

Best be locked and loaded for the next company Alex recommends on the breakthroughs coming our way… or more likely, a series of them throughout the year.

Add it all up and there’s truly never been a better time to get into Alex’s Momentum Alert.

The price for one full year of The Momentum Alert is $4,995.

And remember, on Alex’s fully verified track record… Over the past 12 months… $5,000 in each play would have turned into a total of $366,609.

Simply click on the link below to get started with Alex’s VIP Momentum Alert service.

Whether your goal is to supplement your income, grow your retirement portfolio or just enjoy some extra spending cash, there’s no question in my mind that Alex’s service can help you tremendously.

Gains could come quickly, as Alex tells me he plans to send out a new opportunity in the next few days.

So let me sum everything up for you…

Everything You’ll Get, Starting Moments From Now

Here’s what you’ll receive as a new subscriber to The Momentum Alert:

  • First, we’ll rush you Alex’s latest recommendation. Right now, Alex is investigating a breaking situation that could lead to another big winner.

    It involves a somewhat under-the-radar company that’s been hiking earnings tremendously… Sure enough, Alex has spotted the smart money starting to take notice.

    As you have seen, that’s likely to lead to a very quick increase in the share price.

    Alex tells me that this one is very time sensitive, so he’ll be sending out the alert shortly to everyone on board. It could well be your first triple bagger.

    Of course, that’ll be just the start…

  • You’ll also get approximately 25 to 30 opportunities per year.

    Each year, Alex runs thousands of businesses through his Predictive Protocols. Only about 25 to 30 companies make the grade Alex requires before making a recommendation.

    Remember, the company has to be increasing profits handsomely. There has to be a wave of serious buying pushing it upward. The moment Alex uncovers one of these situations, he runs it through his full screening.

    Then, for the few that pass, he’ll tell you exactly when to get in… And when to take profits. Of course, based on what we’ve seen, they could be stunning.

    It’s really quite simple to follow, as you’ll see.

  • And as a Momentum Alert subscriber, you’ll also get a weekly update email from Alex, covering all current open positions.

    Each week, you’ll receive his analysis of each situation, tracking its movement and letting you know about any big news affecting the company.

    Quite often, he’ll tell you it’s time to take profits.

    One of the things he likes to do, which I think is really smart, is once the position has produced enough profit to cover your initial stake, he’ll recommend selling a portion.

    That way, you’re playing with house money.

From everything we’ve seen with Alex’s service, not just in the past year, but in the past ten years, I know you’re really going to love this.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this could end up generating quite a bit of income for you.

Yet this offer gets even better…

Satisfaction Guaranteed,
or Your Money Back

Explosive short-term profits aren’t for everyone. We understand that.

That’s why The Oxford Club has agreed to give you 90 days to try out The Momentum Alert.

Use this time to test out Alex’s service…

Paper trade each move if you like… for a full three months!

And see if you aren’t completely blown away by the results.

If, during that time, you feel for any reason this isn’t for you… You can simply cancel your subscription for an immediate refund (less our customary 10% processing fee.)

We’ll likely have given you at least six to eight opportunities to profit from Alex’s strategy by then.

So you’ll know exactly how well it works.

You may have even gotten in and out on one of his next 1,200% gains…

And perhaps turned a small $250 stake into a fast $3,000 or more.

Bottom line: There’s next to no risk in checking it out.

You are always in complete control of your subscription.

So there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t register for The Momentum Alert right now.

Simply click here to get started.

I think you’re going to be quite pleased when you join us.

We Must Hear From You Soon

Just think…

If you’d joined Alex’s Momentum Alert this time last year, you could have seen overall 12-month gains of 2,682%

Enough to turn a stake of just $5,000 in each of his 51 plays into a $366,609 windfall.

And you could have been among Momentum Alert readers like Reggie Simmons, who told us:

“Your recommendations are almost always right. Who can complain about a 125% or 300% gain? Thanks for the GREAT work!”
Yet Alex is planning on doing even better in the coming months.

And remember, if for any reason The Momentum Alert is not right for you, you can take a full 90 days, and still get your money back.

I seriously doubt it will come to that, once you see just the first few weeks of Alex’s recommendations.

I really can’t imagine a better or fairer deal.

Simply click here to get started.

Thank you and good investing,

Laura Cadden
Associate Publisher, The Oxford Club
May 2014

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