Dear Reader,

Hi. My name is George Rayburn – Director of Business Operations at The Oxford Club.

Our Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green just revealed something completely new to me.

Something that I know will dramatically increase our Members’ wealth in the coming months.

It all has to do with a single moment… one that sends ultra-safe stocks through the roof.

I’m talking about a series of explosive windfalls averaging 263%.

Let me show you…

Take a look at Zhone Technologies – a boring telecommunications company.

It trades on the Nasdaq as ZHNE.

You can see that, for months, the stock moved nowhere.

Completely flat.

Suddenly, on July 15, 2013, Zhone’s share price took off…

What happened?

It all has to do with that tall green arrow you see.

As soon as it showed up, the stock rocketed 491% in just six months.

It happened again with Plug Power, a fuel systems manufacturer…

Dead flat.

Then, on December 2, 2013, what do you see?

The green arrow.

And Plug Power shot up 1,205% in four months.

Same with generic drug company IGI Laboratories (NYSE: IG)…


Then, on October 30 – the green arrow.

As a result, IGI Laboratories shot up 188% in five months.

I could keep going, but here’s the thing…

Most people don’t realize why stocks like these suddenly take off when this green arrow shows up.

It’s not earnings announcements… mergers… FDA approvals… or anything that people normally think moves stocks.

It’s something completely ignored by most investors.

I call it a “Liftoff Point.”

And more importantly – thanks to Alex’s discovery – you can spot these green Liftoff Points as soon as they happen.

You’ll be able to ignore all those losing stocks out there that go nowhere…

And instead focus ONLY on the ones that are going up.

I’m confident that once you see how Alex uses these Liftoff Points – and how much money you can make from them – you’ll never invest the same way again.

So let’s get down to it.

“It’s the Most Lucrative Investment System I’ve Ever Encountered”

– Alex Green

You see, having spent years managing high net worth portfolios in the Wall Street trenches, Alex Green knows what moves stocks.

It’s the reason he’s been featured on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, CNBC, The O’Reilly Factor, Businessweek and Forbes.

And it’s why The Wall Street Journal featured an article that ranked his investment advisory service as one of the top 10 in the country.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Alex started off as many young stockbrokers do… thinking that he had all the answers.

And Alex will tell you this himself: He was not a great stock picker from the beginning.

In fact, in his early 20s, Alex lost $15,000, most of his savings at the time, betting on a speculative stock.

It taught him a valuable lesson…

The best investors out there DON’T speculate on the “next big thing”… but rather, they find simple advantages in the markets. And once they have one of these “advantages,” they use it over and over for maximum profits.

And that’s what Alex found with the Liftoff Points I’m talking about today.

165 Triple-Digit Gains… All Thanks to Finding the Liftoff Points

The results of his discovery are electrifying…

So far, Alex has used it to bank exactly 165 separate triple-digit gains averaging 263% each.

What’s more, Alex has discovered how to spot these Liftoff Points in several stocks every single month. (I’ll pass his findings on to you shortly.)

The concept may seem simplistic.

But, as you can plainly see, it works.

All you have to do is buy when you see the Liftoff Point… shown by the green arrow.

Like on January 22, 2015.

On that date, you can clearly see it in Egalet Corp.

By simply buying at the Liftoff Point, you could’ve banked a 150% gain… in under two months.

Opportunities like this happen two or three times each month… You just need to know how to spot them.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never analyzed a financial statement in your life…

Once you understand how Liftoff Points work, investors of any skill level can know with 100% certainty which stocks are rising.

This year alone, Alex’s picks using Liftoff Points are up an average of 128%.

And in 2014, Alex used it to bank gains as high as…

  • 961% on UA
  • 440% on TRN
  • 261% on GLOG
  • 218% on KS
  • 324% on OTEX

In fact, in 2014, Alex finished with an average gain of 93%… far exceeding the S&P’s measly 12% gain.

I’ll explain how to collect here shortly.

But first, how does it work? Is there some magic bullet or some complex formula signaling these Liftoff Points?

Waves of Cash

To explain how Liftoff Points work and where that green arrow comes from, you must first understand that stocks often act like a tsunami…

Now, most people think of a tsunami as a giant wave that comes crashing into shore.

But at the start, it’s nothing like that.

When a tsunami begins, it’s often miles out in the deep ocean.

And as it travels along, it’s hardly noticeable. It’s only a foot or so above sea level.

But when the tsunami gets in close to shore, it suddenly rises up dramatically.

You see… the wave hits a certain point where the shallow water PUSHES it upward…

That little ripple you didn’t notice before… Now it’s a towering wave.

Stocks often operate the same way.

They travel along, dormant for months or even years. Nobody notices them.

And it’s not until they hit a Liftoff Point – just like when a tsunami reaches shore – that the stocks suddenly rise up to untold heights.

Consider this chart for Federal National Mortgage Association.

In 2013, nobody wanted to touch the stock.

For months, it was completely flat.

But with Federal National Mortgage, an event occurred on May 8, 2013, that would propel the stock higher.

The Liftoff Point.

You can clearly see it on the chart. It’s where you see the green arrow.

And when this happened, nothing could stop the stock…

It gained a total of 329% over the next 15 days.

That’s an average gain of 21% PER DAY! That’s an entire year’s worth of returns for most money managers.

Yet, if you had known about these Liftoff Points, you could have collected a year’s worth of gains, day after day.

The question is, what caused this rise?

The answer is so simple, it might surprise you.

The Stock Market, Made Easy

You probably realize just how powerful the big financial institutions are…

Firms like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley firmly command who wins and loses in the stock market.

Each day, institutions make 90% of all stock trades.

Meaning that, on any given day, institutions are pushing upward of $20 billion in and out of different stocks.

These waves of cash are what move stocks.

It’s not earnings announcements… It’s not increasing cash flow… And it’s not new products or innovations.

Stocks move either up or down simply because of the Law of Money Flow.

The Law of Money Flow states that if more money flows into a stock than out, then the price MUST go up.

And when does the most money flow into a stock?

It always starts the moment these institutions start loading up on shares.

And when the money flows are particularly large – many times more than normal amounts – this is what causes a Liftoff Point.

It signals that multiple institutions are buying up stock… that they are doing it over many days and weeks.

And that this stock is going to be pushed upward for an extended period.

You see, institutions buy stocks very differently than we do.

Once they target a company, it takes them days – even weeks – to get the millions of shares they need to fill out their positions.

So if you spot the institutional move on the first day – which Alex discovered how to do – you can ride that institutional wave of cash to massive, easy returns.

What Caused Federal National’s 329% Gain in Under Three Weeks?

That brings us back to Federal National Mortgage’s 329% rise in 15 days.

The question is… What caused it?

In this case, Paulson & Co. – one of the largest hedge funds in the world – started buying up a huge stake in the company…

This major purchase opened the floodgates for other institutions…

Massive waves of cash came rolling in…

The Fairholme Fund run by Bruce Berkowitz bought 7 million shares.

And shortly after, Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital bought a full 10% of the company – a bet worth half a billion dollars.

You can see it clearly in this chart…

The sideways arrow shows that from April 30 to May 7, hardly anybody was buying shares.

In fact, the average number of shares traded was only 6 million per day – a small amount for a stock of this size.

Then, on May 8, demand exploded tenfold to over 61 million shares a day.

This was like a “stock tsunami” making landfall.

All that pressure forced it to rise up to new heights…

And the more the stock built momentum, the more waves of cash came in…

By May 14, share volume had jumped to 82 million… By May 15, a staggering 129 million.

This all happened without any earnings announcements… mergers… buyout offers… or government bailouts.

Anyone looking for the types of signals published in The Wall Street Journal would’ve completely missed out… scratching their heads and wondering what happened.

It happened simply because of the Law of Money Flow. When money flows in, the price MUST go up.

And all you needed to do was recognize when the first wave of cash hit.

As you can see from the chart, almost all of the stock’s rise came after the waves hit.

That’s what makes this such an ideal way to collect big returns.

If you had simply bought when you saw the Liftoff Point… A $5,000 investment would’ve tripled in just 15 days.

138% in RF Micro Devices

The same situation happened in RF Micro Devices.

In January 2014, its stock was a complete dud.

It had lost 8% over the past four months.

Then, the stock caught the eye of BlackRock – the largest investment manager in the country.

BlackRock bought up 28 million shares of the company… That’s a full 10% of all outstanding shares.

You can see the first Liftoff Point as demand soared… And it unleashed hidden upside in this dormant stock.

Shares jumped 138%.

It’s a fact: When money flows in, the price MUST go up.

The REAL Reason Why Tesla Motors Soared

This same simple rule applied to Tesla Motors.

Now, many of you know Tesla’s story. It doesn’t make much of a profit. And its sales depend heavily on government subsidies.

So Tesla’s huge increase in share price was confounding to some.

But really, it all came down to how much money was pumped into the stock.

You’ll notice that during the flat period, the average share volume was only 1.7 million per day.

That’s peanuts in the investing world.

Everything changed on April 1 – the Liftoff Point.

Institutions began pouring cash into the stock – and the share volume spiked to 14 million in one day

By May 10, volume surged to 25 million.

By simply buying Tesla at the initial Liftoff Point, you could’ve gained a massive 288% in just six months.

It’s clear as daylight: When the money flows in… you see huge gains.  

All you need to do is recognize the moment when institutions start pouring cash in.

And that’s exactly what Alex Green does.

As I’ve said, Alex personally found 165 triple-digit gains from opportunities like Tesla simply by spotting the Liftoff Points.

I’ll tell you more about this in a moment.

But right now, I’m going to reveal how anyone can profit from these Liftoff Points.

The Secret Force Behind Every Stock Run-Up

So how do you spot these Liftoff Points?

It comes down to a mathematical equation that shows when institutions are buying and when they’re not.

Now, this might look complex at first, but here’s the formula:

All the formula really tells you is when more money is flowing in than flowing out.

If the product shows a positive percentage, more money is going in. If it’s a negative percentage, more is going out.

And the bigger the percentage increase, the more cash we’re talking about.

So while a 10% would indicate money is flowing in, it’s not that much. But a 200% or 300%… watch out. That means this stock is a tsunami just about to hit landfall.

When you see a positive percentage increase that big, you know that the institutions are loading up on a stock… and that it’s poised to race higher.

You can clearly see it in Pilgrim’s Pride – a poultry producer.

In most of October, investors traded under 600,000 shares a day.

The stock barely moved.

Then on October 26, 2012, investors began piling into the company.

Volume spiked to over 2 million shares.

Our formula shows that’s a sudden increase of 313% — indicating this thing was about to rise up very quickly.

Shares instantly exploded higher… and the stock surged 249% over the next nine months.

Same happened to Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

Before July 2013, the stock was completely flat.

Only about 900,000 shares were traded.

Then on July 24, 2013, demand for its shares surged to over 2 million. That’s a jump of over 144% in trading volume… so you knew it was the Liftoff Point.

And just like a tidal wave rising from the depths, the stock surged 115% in one week.

Again with MGIC Investment Corp.

The stock was flat. It moved nowhere.

But February 26, 2013, the share volume surged to 9 million at first… then to an astounding 36 million.

And in just nine days, you could’ve banked a quick 114% gain.

Now, these are all quick gains… But sometimes, a massive wave of cash will fundamentally change a stock.

Other institutions will see the first few waves. They’ll then inject even more cash. And it will start a multiyear cycle that sends stocks to unprecedented heights.

Like what happened with Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

You’ll notice that during the downswing, volume was almost nothing… an average of 46,762 shares.

But then, on June 10, a Liftoff Point.

Volume spiked to 18.4 million shares – that’s a 38,331% jump in just a few days!

This sudden wave of cash blasted shares higher like a cannonball… The stock raced from only $0.86 all the way to $170.

So every $860 investors put in turned into $170,000.

The lesson is clear…

When you’re 100% certain that cash is flowing in – you can be 100% certain that the stock will race higher.

It’s simply the Law of Money Flow at work.

I doubt you’ll ever find a simpler or more effective way to get rich.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can run out and buy any stock using Alex’s technique.

You see, this doesn’t work in the kinds of stocks most people buy.

Take Coca-Cola. Even a $50 million investment will not move the stock.

That’s why you need a system to isolate ONLY the stocks that will move most with rising demand.

Consider the tsunami example I gave earlier…

It’s easy to spot once the wave is already towering over the beachfront… But only the most seasoned experts can spot the wave when it’s a 1-foot roller out in the ocean.

Same with big waves in the stock market.

The stocks that rise big – and fast – are often the ones that look the most flat and calm for months at a time.

Now, that flies in the face of what most people think.

Many people believe you’ve got to buy volatile penny stocks or expensive growth stocks to make big money.

As Alex discovered early on, the opposite is true.

Think about it…

90% of the stock market’s moves are controlled by big institutions…

Do you really think these institutions would waste their money (not to mention their reputations) on shabby stocks going nowhere?

Of course not.

These institutions go after the highest-quality companies… the ones with huge profit potential, but that are trading at reasonable prices.

Then they target those companies with waves of cash, and the share price rockets higher.

The question is, how do you determine which companies they will suddenly target?

Well, that’s where another discovery of Alex’s comes in.

And today, he’s given me the green light to show it to you.

Alex’s Predictive Protocols – REVEALED

Alex realized that, going back over 60 years, the major institutions almost always targeted the exact same types of companies with waves of cash.

These companies had a few characteristics in common that virtually guaranteed their successes.

He calls these characteristics “Predictive Protocols.”

Now, there are 10 that are essential.

When you find a company with all 10 of these characteristics, you can be sure a big wave of cash is not far away.

All you need to do is get in before it hits, and ride the Liftoff Point upward as it swells to new heights.

Using Alex’s strategy, you’ll be able to pinpoint – with 100% certainty – stocks that are most likely to soar each and every day.

You don’t have to know how all this works, but Alex looks for stocks that exhibit the following Predictive Protocols:

  1. Double-Digit Sales Growth
  2. Three Years of 20%+ Earnings Growth
  3. Quarterly Earnings Growth of 25%+
  4. Return on Equity of 17% or More
  5. New Products and Services
  6. High-Quality Management
  7. Entrepreneurial Companies Within Eight Years of Their IPOs 
  8. Institutional Support
  9. Share Buybacks
  10. 10. Price Momentum.

Take any one of these Predictive Protocols and you have a powerful piece of data.

But combine them, and you’re able to easily pinpoint the very few stocks that are poised to leap higher.

Just the first three characteristics eliminate 90% of publicly traded companies.

Use all 10, and you’re down to less than 1%.

In other words, you’ve cleared out the clutter and identified the cream of the crop.

Yet Alex takes it a step further…

You see… once he’s identified the stocks to watch, he can easily spot the moment insiders start buying up millions of shares.

That’s the key to all of this.

He identifies the stocks likely to be targeted, and then the moment all that cash comes pouring in, he rides it to big gains.

It’s this method that’s led him to 165 separate triple-digit gains.

It’s all about identifying and acting on the Liftoff Points.

It’s a strategy built to deliver winner after winner… no matter what the overall market does.

128% AVERAGE Gain in 2015

In 2015 alone, Alex has averaged a 128% AVERAGE return using this system… while the S&P has returned 0.88%.

Last year, he averaged 93% per closed position… with an average holding time of just 77 days.

And over the past 12 years, Alex has closed out 165 separate triple-digit (or better) winners…

Which average out to an astonishing 263% gain EACH.

Now, the past few years have been great for stocks…

So you may be wondering whether this system works in bear markets.

Well, consider 2008.

The S&P plunged 38%.

Most people were losing money right and left.

But even then, Alex spotted some of the very few triple-digit winners. He generated gains of 268% on Warnaco, 194% on Western Digital and 147% on CF Industries, just to name a few.

That’s because it doesn’t matter what the economy is doing or what actions the Fed takes… Institutions will always be buying.

So if you put yourself in position like a big-wave surfer… in the right spot to catch the massive money waves… then you’ll consistently lock on to big profits.

You’re simply taking advantage of the Law of Money Flow.

Further, because you’re riding on waves of cash, the gains can come VERY quickly.

Like Alex’s massive 1,121% gain from Skyworks Solutions in just 12 weeks…

His 440% windfall in 41 days on Trinity Industries…

KapStone Paper and Packaging’s 218% rise in three months…

A 266% jump in OpenText Corp. in two months…

And the 175% winner from Tableau Software in just three weeks.

The message is clear…

No matter what’s going on in the broader markets, there’s one simple truth:

When huge waves of cash hit a stock… you see huge gains.  

And that gives you HUGE protection from losing money.

Because you’re avoiding ALL the stocks that are flat or falling…

And ONLY focusing on the stocks that are going up.

Score Fast and Easy Gains

Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll see triple-digit gains every time… Often you have the opportunity to score smaller, but easy gains that add up quickly.

Like in INTL FCStone.

Its Liftoff Point occurred on February 10, 2015, when share volume quintupled from 68,000 to 349,000.

And the stock jumped 37% in under a month.

It happened again with Orbitz, a discount travel company.

On February 14, 2014, share volume shot up from 247,092 to 1,146,385 – the Liftoff Point.

And the stock surged 88% in one month.

USA Truck raced 41% higher in the three weeks following its Liftoff Point… starting when share volume doubled.

Again with Independent Bank.

On March 25, 2013… the Liftoff Point.

Share volume doubled… then tripled.

And just three days later, it was up 31%.

Same happened to Skyworks Solutions.

The stock was in free fall.

But on October 14, 2014, demand for its shares surged.

And it jumped from $48 a share to $92 a share… an 86% gain and rising.

On February 24, 2015, a Liftoff Point showed up for Benefitfocus.

Volume spiked from under 300,000 to over 5 million.

And Benefitfocus shares surged 75%.

When you know what to look for, gains like these happen over and over again.

And why I’m talking to you right now… Because I want you to have the chance to take full advantage of this anomaly.

Turn $1,000 Into $11,254

As you’ve seen, buying stocks at the Liftoff Point is the easiest way to lock in to hard and fast gains.

I’ve shown you example after example proving it works.

In addition, I’ve shown you how you can maximize your gains using Alex Green’s Predictive Protocols.

Like in Chipotle.

This stock passed Alex’s Predictive Protocols… and when it hit its Liftoff Point…

Bam! His recommendation rose 1,024%.

That would have turned $1,000 into $11,254… or $10,000 into an impressive $112,400 in only two months’ time.

Imagine that… In two months, an EXTRA $100K in YOUR pocket.

Gains like these are not a pipe dream.

It just happened again with Avago Technologies.

Alex saw its Liftoff Point on January 5, 2015.

By March 2, his recommendation was up 557%.

Now many of us have watched stocks rise like this…

We’ve looked back and said, “Man, I wish I’d bought that!”

Alex’s strategy ensures this never happens again.

You know precisely when to buy in for maximum gains.

For the past 12 years, Alex has used this method to bank literally hundreds of triple-digit gains…

Like MercadoLibre.

Alex saw that it passed his Predictive Protocols…

And when he saw that institutions were piling into the stock…

He knew it was time to pull the trigger.

Sure enough, Alex closed out a 431% gain in just 21 days.

Alex’s track record is a tribute to his system.

In my 15 years in the financial industry, I must say this is truly remarkable!

And today, Alex wants 500 people to join him and try out his strategy today through a bold service called…

The Momentum Alert.

You’re Invited to Test Out Alex Green’s Blockbuster Service The Momentum Alert

The Momentum Alert – as the name suggests – helps everyday investors get in on the fastest-moving stocks in the market.

Alex will identify the most profitable trades for you and show you exactly when to get in for the most gains in the shortest amount of time.

Because you’re following the big money, you’ll never be stuck in unpopular sectors that move nowhere.

You’ll ONLY be dealing with the biggest potential winners.

You’ll only be in the hottest and fastest-moving stocks in the market.

And you’ll never waste your time on slow-moving clunkers.

Whenever Alex sees a stock that’s getting sudden cash injections, he’ll immediately send you an alert in an easy-to-follow email, just like this one.

Alex will tell you the stock he’s targeting, including an overview of the company and why he’s recommending it.

Then, he will tell you exactly what price to get in.

And when the time comes… when to sell.

There’s no agonizing over whether to buy a stock or not. No second-guessing about when to get out.

You simply check out Alex’s recommendations and prepare to take profits in a matter of days.

And if you can’t get to your email, don’t worry. We’re not talking about day trading here… you’ll have 48 to 72 hours to act on Alex’s alerts.

Better yet, you can act on his recommendations using any brokerage account. You don’t need an options account or anything like that.

That’s the beauty of Alex’s Momentum Alert.

Even though research like this is normally reserved for institutions, hedge funds and high net worth investors…

Anybody can easily follow his alerts. No matter your trading experience or the size of your bank account.

And remember, Alex ONLY picks companies that pass his Predictive Protocols.

Then, he issues a “Buy” signal ONLY when the company’s shares hit peak momentum on rising demand – the Liftoff Point.

This happens in about 2 – 3 stocks a month.

When momentum begins to slow, he issues a “Sell” alert.

It’s that simple.

Best part is, you don’t need a lot of time to read and act on Alex’s alerts.

Remember, Alex works for YOU.

He does all the analysis and research, so you can focus on your life – not worry if you’re picking the right stocks.

You’ll be free to do whatever you want – golf 18 holes instead of nine… take a road trip… spend more time with loved ones.

But I must warn you: How much you get out of The Momentum Alert depends on a crucial component…

It depends on you.

Are You Ready?

If you’re content making 7% a year in an index fund…

Or if you’re willing to wait months… even years… to get a decent return…

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Then The Momentum Alert is probably not for you.

Really, it comes down to one question…

Are you willing to take control of your financial destiny?

I hope you answered a resounding “YES.”

Because starting right now, you could put yourself firmly on the path to true wealth.

You’ve seen how profitable Alex’s strategy can be. You’ve seen why Alex achieved 165 triple-digit gains using this.

You’ve seen how predictably stocks rise after their Liftoff Points.

Like the 1,205% windfall in Plug Power.

The 491% gain on Zhone Technologies.

And the 188% winner from IGI Laboratories.

But what you haven’t seen is how The Momentum Alert has helped people just like you gain financial freedom.

Like James Tollins from Phoenix.

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Or consider how The Momentum Alert changed the life of subscriber Scott Peters, a contractor based in Arizona.

He’s worked hard… been saving up for a long time…

But the meager returns from his core portfolio were killing him. So a few years back, he started following Alex’s work at The Oxford Club.

Take a look at what Scott told us just a few weeks ago…

The most significant benefit I have gained by following Alexander’s advice is the calm I now enjoy with respect to our financial position.”

Scott is finally enjoying life on his own terms:

Last year, we had sufficient financial confidence to take two major, unique safaris to photograph wildlife in close proximity. These were costly excursions, but we could afford them. This year, we will travel with our photo guide again.”

Financial freedom… peace of mind… enjoying a richer and fuller life…

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Now, Alex’s service is not cheap.

Because tracking the moves of institutions is not easy or inexpensive.


The New York Stock Exchange’s Broker Volume Database gives you all of the stock market’s money-flow data and costs over $35,000 a year!

Beyond that, you need a team of researchers to analyze and see where the money is going.

It’s expensive to do it alone.

But that’s why Alex’s work is so valuable.

He finds the Liftoff Points for you… and alerts you exactly when it’s time to get in.

And despite the expense and man-hours that go into this service, you can receive a full year of The Momentum Alert for a fraction of the $35,000 the NYSE charges…

The published price for one full year of The Momentum Alert is $4,000.

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Remember, just $1,000 in Alex’s Chipotle recommendation would’ve paid out over $11,254.

So there’s a good chance you’ll pay for your subscription on your first play.

But I should remind you: The Oxford Club has over 85,000 Members…

If just 1% of our Members take advantage of this opportunity in the next 24 hours, I’ll have to close the doors on this offer.

We’re putting in the ultimate safety net for those who respond in the form of two rock-solid guarantees everyone will receive as a Momentum Alert subscriber…

Momentum Alert Guarantee #1:

Take a full 90 days to see Alex’s service in action.

Take 90 days to try out Alex Green’s Momentum Alert.

Use this time to test out Alex’s service…

Follow or paper trade several recommendations over the course of several months.

Alex will have given you at least six to eight opportunities to profit by then.

So you’ll know exactly how well it works.

If, at any time during those 90 days, you do not believe Momentum Alert is right for you, you’ll receive a refund of your subscription fee, minus a 10% processing fee.

When you consider everything I’ve shown you today, I highly doubt you’ll want to give up your spot (which will have to go to those on the waiting list)…

Because I know that Alex’s strategy is the easiest way to make consistent large returns in the markets.

I’m sure many of you will even make hundreds of thousands in cash.

Which brings me to our next guarantee…

The Momentum Alert Guarantee #2:

Alex will close out AT LEAST five triple-digit winners over the next 12 months.

As I said earlier, Alex has closed out over 165 triple-digit gains in the past 12 years.

That’s, on average, one triple-digit gain PER MONTH.

And in the past year alone, Alex closed out a full 15 triple-digit gains.

Subscriber Hank Stevens wrote in, thanking Alex. Thanks for the five-digit profit on Under Armour. Yahoo!!!!! You rock.” 

As you’ve seen, Alex has had no shortage of big winners. I don’t expect that to change now.

That’s why I’m confident he’ll be able to deliver at least five triple-digit winners over the next year.

If for some reason he closes less than five triple-digit gains, just call us and I’ll give you a 100% refund.

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George Rayburn
Director of Business Operations, The Oxford Club
April 2015

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